Monday, March 6, 2017

Dupe of theBalm Meet Matte Trimony Where to find?

Hey beautifuls, I am sure most of you just drool on the wonderful makeup collection from theBalm Cosmetics. Well I do, and I have used a few products from them and they are such amazing in quality. However, the price tag is what makes you think twice before reaching out. But what if I say, I have got a palette, which is a small fraction of the price of theBalm Meet Matte Trimony, but fares extremely well. I am talking about the Cocosh She Meet Matte palette in shade no.2

About Cocosh She Meet Matte:
Cocosh She Meet Matte Palette are exact dupes of theBalm Meet Matte palettes. Shade no.2 is almost a replica of the famous Meet Matte Trimony palette with 9 matte shades.

Price: $5.07 at

Packaging: The Cocosh She Meet Matte palette comes in a black packaging. It has an inbuilt mirror of good quality.

My experience: When I first saw the Cocosh She Meet Matte palette, I did not have very high expectations, although the packaging is quite nice. However, when I swatched the shades, I was stunned. All the shades are super pigmented which is quite uncommon in these sort of palettes. Although there is a major issue of fallout with some of the shades, more or less I found the shades are really rich. I always love warm toned colours as they suit every skin tone, and the versatile matte colours can be played around pretty eye looks. The shade names are also the same. However, although I do not have the original Meet Matte Trimony palette, I thought the shades are a bit warmer than the original.

Cocosh She Meet Matte palette is a beautiful palette to play with for versatile eye look, specially for this summer. It has pretty baby pink, white, black, peach, berry and a beautiful ochre/nude, with a variety of browns.

Cocosh She Meet Matte palette is a great dupe of theBalm Meet Matte Trimony palette. It fares quite well, in terms of pigmentation. It is easy to apply, and glides quite smoothly on the skin. Get more cheap makeup online at

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