Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Let Your Kid Enjoy Summers & Play in the Sun

Being a mom to a playful 16-month-old is not really an easy task. You have to always be careful what your little one is up to. I have always wondered babies play a lot in sun, so why no one is bothered about they being sun-safe, while there are innumerous sun protection products, popping up every day for us, adults. Why we as a mom, have very limited option of real suncare products for our kids? Of course we cannot use the same sunscreen that we use on them, their skin is way more sensitive, delicate and dry. However, my concern has finally been resolved when recently Sebamed came up with their new Baby Sebamed 50+ Sun Lotion with ph 5.5, a sunscreen meant for kids.

Last Sunday, I and my #BabyAishani had a blast at the launch of the new Baby Sebamed 50+ Sun Lotion with ph 5.5. I got to know the wide range of products Baby Sebamed has and also the research behind the new launch.  As a mother, it is very important to know the products that you are using on your baby and it was a real learning experience where not only the proper application of the product was demonstrated but also the importance of using sun protection on babies, specially those under 3 years was discussed in detail.

One of the major highlights of the event was the bonding of mommies and babies over an interesting Yoga session. Under high sun, the activity was accomplished, with both of us wearing Sebamed Sunscreens. My baby was her at her playful best and had lot of fun jumping and dancing around. We were proud to be a part of the prestigious India Book of Records and my baby got her first certificate of her life. 

The Baby Sebamed 50+ Sun Lotion with ph 5.5 is a wonder product for my baby's very sensitive skin. I could feel that on the day of the event, and I am continuing to use it everyday since then on her. I was guilty for so long of not taking out my baby often in the fear if she gets sunburn. The new sun lotion has triple protection for delicate baby skin against sun-induced damage. So, what are the features of the new Baby Sebamed 50+  Sun Lotion with ph 5.5:

1. Highly effective UVA/UVB filter system combined with micro-pigments  that prevent sun-light induced damage and irritations to the skin.

2. Skin protection with Vitamin E and regenerating Provitamin B5

3. Natural Inulin and Lecithin provides intense hydration to protect against dryness

4. With Bisobolol that is suited for irritated skin

5. Oil free

6. Easily applied, non-greasy and no white residue is left

7. Free of perfume and alcohol

8. No additives

9. no paraffin, parabens

The Baby Sebamed 50+ Sun Lotion with ph 5.5 is a highly effective sun-protecting product that leaves your baby's skin protected and secure from getting adversely affected by harsh sun rays. Here are some pointers which you should take note of:
  • Avoid direct sun from 11 am to 3pm
  • Its better to use protective clothes
  • Make them wear cotton of linen
  • Avoid contact with the eyes
  • Dont forget to apply all over the exposed areas
  • Apply sunscreen 20 minutes prior to exposure to sun
So that is all about the launch event and the Baby Sebamed 50+ Sun Lotion with ph 5.5
I am now convinced that I cannot keep my baby indoors all the time. It is time for her to play around and have fun, out in the sun while Baby Sebamed 50+ Sun Lotion with ph 5.5 does the rest.

Priced at Rs. 1400 for 50 ml, it is available easily at e-commerce portals like Firstcry.

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