Thursday, March 16, 2017

No More Red Alert, You Go Girl!!

We cannot stop being what we are, ever. No matter what we have to undergo, mentally and physically, we have to go on in life. Often common societal pressure compels us to let go off our dreams and aspirations. But we can be strong enough to overcome these situations and pursue our goals. Nothing can stop us, even those 5 painful days of the month.

Often it is seen, that during periods, girls restrict themselves from doing their normal activities, in the fear of staining themselves, and worried over what others would think. But we should know that what others think is their choice, what we do is ours, and everybody has the right to choose what she would do. However, if not the fear, it is our discomfort that sometimes bar us to go ahead. While handling societal pressure is absolutely dependant on our inner strength,  there are tools and products that can help us handle the external discomfort that is caused by the choice of wrong sanitary wear. The new Whisper Ultrasoft is such a sanitary napkin that helps to keep us comfortable for long without any issues.

Whisper Ultrasoft was launched last week in India, in the presence of renowned actress Radhika Apte. The talented actress spoke extensively of the stigma with periods and how we should be unstoppable and know our self-worth. 

With a demonstration of the new product, it was proven how the new Whisper Ultrasoft with its soft pores drive liquid to the core where it is locked. This was an amazing event, apt to be held on an equally amazing Women's Day.

What the New Whisper UltraSoft says:
Women should feel comfortable at all times, even on their period days as the New Whisper Ultra Soft is:
  • 2X softer that feels extra gentle to skin 
  • have special soft pores that drive liquid to the core where it is locked 
  • has longer length with wider back for long lasting performance 
  • contains fresh odor free pearls

My experience of the Product: Being a mom of a toddler I have to run 24/7 without any rest. No matter if I am not keeping well also I have to do the regular chores with no break. During those 5 days, things become very uneasy and I feel very uncomfortable most of the time. But with the New Whisper Ultrasoft my life during periods have become quite smooth. I dont feel the uncomfortable itchiness that I used to, and there is absolutely no leakage. The 2 times softer feel makes it to be comfortable for long. The long length and wide back design is such a boon for any busy woman. Another great thing is that each napkin lasts for a long time, without the need of changing in every 2 hours. 


Whisper Ultrasoft has really given an #UltraSoft experience and I am sure, like me many would agree that they can go along doing their own things and towards meeting their own goals, without being interrupted. So, no more Red Alert, keep going with strength and power and live your dreams.

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