Monday, March 6, 2017

Top 5 Cafes in Hyderabad for Exclusive Food

Our busy schedule hardly gives us any spare time to explore our culinary skills in the kitchen. Even if we somehow manage to take out time and cook, we end up making something very dull and mundane. Apart from this, if we venture out to try something different, very few places offer something exclusive and rare in terms of dishes and ambiance that actually takes you to a different level. Having visited Hyderabad on various occasions has given me the opportunity to experience some special restaurants, which are rare and exclusive and make you feel special. Here is a list of top 5 eateries in Hyderabad area that offers such exclusive experiences:

1. Silver Metro Café: My very first experience with trains was when I visited my maternal grandparents when I was two. And this amazing metro theme restaurant in Hyderabad gives out so much nostalgia which is beyond explanation. But not just the ambiance, but the way they do their super famous drink, PIYUSH is what makes me salivate over the place. A milky concoction of saffron and nutmeg flavored buttermilk garnished with pistachio slivers, PIYUSH is a drink you will want to have endlessly.

2. Café Gufaa: One of the best themed restaurant in Hyderabad, Café Gufaa welcomes you into a cave with dim lights and spooky noise. The décor of this famous food restaurant is absolutely something to look out for. Not only does this place give you the rustic charm of cavemen but also offers exclusive JhingaPaanPatta which is honestly unheard of by many. To describe this dish in layman’s language, I would say it is basically a marinated shrimp dish laid uponpaan leaves and fried to give the crisp perfection.

3. Beach House: Once again a theme based restaurant which gives you all the coastal feels right in the heart of Hyderabad. And given the coastal theme one should be prepared to get flabbergasted with bundles of exotic sea food. But if you want to try the best of the best, do not miss the exclusive lemon fish tikka which is a beautiful combination of Indian and continental food.

4. Café Serengeti: Now if you are in the sophisticated city of Hyderabad but your heart lies in the jungles, you have to give café Serengeti a try. It is one of the most exclusive rain forest theme restaurant cafes which serves authentic Hyderabadi cuisine. And I say authentic, because and only because of its impeccable KhubaniKaMeetha desert dish which is greater than any other sweet dish I have ever came across. I could live on it for days.

5. Eatmor OCC: Now no food list can ever be complete without the mention of Ice cream at least once. And here is my recommendation for ice creams in Hyderabad. Not only is Eatmor famous for its Bollywood inspired dishes and ambiance but is the only place in Hyderabad to serve honeydew ice-cream sundae. I mean who really thought of this brilliant idea to combine ice cream and honey dew? They did, and did it well.

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By Ishleen

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