Saturday, April 1, 2017

Happy April Fool's Day from The Range Cutter by @home

Gotcha!!! I am sure, you guys were wondering when to get those outstanding pieces of furniture from  The Range Cutter by @home. Well friends, this was just a prank and no furniture can actually jam your unwanted incoming calls. However, what this furniture range has are state of the art designs for your comfort and the beautification of your home. Try The Range Cutter and I am sure you will not regret being pranked. It truly #BringsFamiliesCloser

Happy April Fool's Day!!


Imagine a much awaited weekend at home away from work, with your family finally arrives and when you are trying to enjoy it to the fullest, here comes an annoying call from your office!! Sounds familiar? Well its a part of our life. I personally face this problem quite often. I know some calls are important but some are just simply uncalled for, specially when you want to give your attention to your family. But is there a way we can avoid this situation? Well, finally we have someone who has come up with a unique solution to curb these calls and they are @home by Nilkamal

Now you must be wondering what a furniture line has to do with your incoming calls? Well, it sounds crazy but its true and how:
@home by Nilkamal brings an innovative technology in its furniture, which is a first of its kind in India. They have come up with their new line of furniture, The Range Cutter, that acts as a Mobile Signal Jammer when you are in its range. So no more unwanted calls, no more disturbance and superior quality time just with your family. Give your undivided attention towards the little ones and to your partner and believe me that's what makes them most happy. Dont believe me? Check out this video for further information:

Thanks to The Range Cutter from @home by Nilkamal for coming up with these new-found technologically advanced range of furniture to make our family lives much smoother and better, without the buzz of the mobile phones always banging in our ears. This is how The Range Cutter #BringsFamiliesCloser

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