Sunday, April 9, 2017

#Let’s Talk Menopause

Hello girlies, let’s do some girl talk or more correctly some woman talk today. There are a lot of articles and videos around the internet about periods but very few talk about menopause. I don’t know why, but it is an extremely important topic to discuss as it marks the end of our menstrual cycle. We need to know what to do and what to don’t at this particular time. I’m going to talk about these today and being a student of human physiology I’m going to put forward what I studied and what I’ve been taught. Okay, I promise to keep this article as much fun as I can and not make it boring.

Menstruation talks are still a taboo in India (as if who suffers menstruation are criminals; p) and in that case talking about menopause is nearly not possible because well not many of us know about it. Menopause is a crucial period in women’s life and I want us, that is, today’s youngsters to talk about this to our moms, aunts etc and get them speaking as well.

Menopause generally occurs at the age from 45-52 years. During this time the oestrogen levels reduce, thereby causing a lot of health issues for women such as pain in the joints or vagina, extreme fatigue, night sweats, osteoporosis, feeling cold, hot flushes or sweating. There are also more issues such as insomnia, vaginal dryness and tenderness, dry skin, hair falls, change in the body weight etc. If not treated in the right way, these can lead to several other diseases like a permanent case of osteoporosis, diabetes, heart problems etc.

To avoid all these problems, the level of oestrogen needs to be balanced. There are certain supplements in the market which will allow your body to maintain the right oestrogen level and also with proper diet.

Now, please #LetsTalkAboutMenopause and make your moms talk about it. It’s nothing to hide or be ashamed of for it’s a natural cycle in our body. This will help the mind and our moms will not feel lonely.

By Airene Guha

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