Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Make your Home Smell Divine with Siddharth by MKC

Hey beautifuls, I must have said these a thousand times but I cannot control myself when its come to smelling good. Good smell is not always limited to your body mists and perfumes. It is always a great idea to make your home smell good all the time. As we say, home is where the heart is, it is definitely a great way to make your home more attractive and cozy. Recently I have been trying various ways to make my home smell divine all the time, and I think I have found the best way. Thanks to Siddharth by MKC for that.

About Siddharth by MKC:
To give your personal haven that magic in the air, Siddharth by MKC unveils an exclusive selection of luxury aroma diffusers which blend natural attars into modern handcrafted fragrances.
“Each fragrance is carefully crafted keeping in mind the discerning tastes and preferences of our elite consumers. From contemporary scents that exude power to a tantalizing jasmine ittar, each fragrance envelops your atmosphere in a refined aroma”, says Monika Kamal, Co-founder, Siddharth by MKC.

Price: Rs.1100 for 100ml

Packaging: Each diffuser comes in a white cardboard box. Inside the box is a classic white case with a diffuser fragrance bottle and a set of sticks.

My experience: Anything that smells good is close to my heart. I am really impressed by the classic white packaging of the diffusers, Also, the wide range of various fragrances is another plus point and you get to choose the one of your preference. The variants are: Nectar, Carnal, Velvet, Ittar, Dew, Mist, Oak. The variants that I had chosen are:

1.Carnal: This is beautiful and fresh aroma , perfect for summers. The freshness lies on the opening burst of energetic citrus notes, that smooths its way toward a floral hint of lavender and finally goes to rest with a subtle yet powerful note of sandalwood at the base. This is the kind of fragrance one would like to get during a summer evening.

2. Ittar: This is something that can fit any occasion, be it a get-together with friends or a social gathering. The floral notes of jasmine sings a melody of joyfulness in the ears. The sweetness of the middle notes has a blend of rose and sweet pea while the base notes rests in an woody aroma of musk.

The nice aroma of Siddharth by MKC brightens up my home whenever I immerse those sticks into the wonderful aroma of the oil diffusers. I am so happy with the fragrances, that I wish to try the other variants very soon. I am sure from now onwards, my house will always smell good, as I have found the best place online for home diffusers in India.

Do you want to know more about Siddharth by MKC? Check here

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