Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Miss Claire Baked Eyeshadow/Highlighter no.12 Review

Hey beautifuls, hope you all are having a nice mid-week. I am as usual busy with my baby and testing some new beauty products. One of the recent products that I have tried is the Miss Claire Baked Eyeshadow/Highlighter.

About Miss Claire Baked Eyeshadow/Highlighter no 12:
With the obsession of glowing skin, the popularity of highlighters have increased. Miss Claire Baked eyeshadows are such intense glowing and creamy shades that they can very easily double up as highlighter.

Price: Rs.349 Available here 

Packaging: Miss Claire Baked Eyeshadow/Highlighter comes in a black compact case with a transparent adjacent cover.

My experience: I wont lie, I like using highlighters..although I cant say I am obsessed..but I cannot deny the fact a little bit of it surely gives a beautiful dewy skin. I have been trying a lot of highlighters these days..both high end and budget ones. Frankly, Miss Claire Baked Eyeshadow/Highlighter, although actually, an eyeshadow has been my best experience so far, given the price. I have used gold based highlighters before..they either appear too golden on the skin or can be patchy and difficult to blend in. But with Miss Claire Baked Eyeshadow/Highlighter, things are different. The colour is not shimmery and is almost like molten gold that gives a sunlit glow on the cheeks. Secondly you hardly need to blend it. A swipe with your fingers is enough to give you the desired glow.

Miss Claire Baked Eyeshadow/Highlighter no.12 is the perfect highlighter I had been looking for. It is a champagne gold, that suits my complexion the best. So, even if I am not wearing makeup, just some BB cream, lipstick, mascara and this highlighter on my forehead, cheeks, and chin is enough to give me the glow that receives a lot of compliments from friends.


Miss Claire Baked Eyeshadow/Highlighter is one of the most affordable and simply the best budget highlighter I have ever used. I highly recommend the product to all. These are available in different shades and Shade #12 is the one I am using.

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