Friday, May 5, 2017

Creating Gems Out Of Junk—A Glimpse Into Junkyard Cafe!

Junkyard Cafe after winning hearts & writing a great success story across Bombay and Delhi, we thought it was time we indeed visited the place and get a feel of what this gem had to offer. Located in the heart of Connaught place outer circle, Junkyard Cafe promises to give its patrons a perfect place to unwind with friends after movies or shopping over some hookah & delish food. The spacious casual eatery has fascinating interiors, designed with a collection of salvaged junk & reclaimed scrap adding character to the place. The menu encapsulates Indian delicacies along with other popular cuisines, catering to varied palates. The place gets my full points for its location, ambience, cocktails and scrumptious bites.

The place wins you over with its ambivalent seating and exquisite detail to each and every nook and corner. The seating especially is comfortable yet quirky—with tin tables at a few corners and sack bags for cushions at a few. One look up at the roof of the place and you see a wide array of beer bottles—sitting for a lunch date with your friends under a beer bottle roof—I could not ask for more. The ambience, service, staff and the exclusiveness of the place definitely scores a perfect 10. 

Drinks Menu Review:

Given a bad throat, I could not try my hands at a lot of drinks but the two classic drinks which I tried convinced me of the supremacy of the bar. We ordered the classic red wine sangria and a Bourbon Wreckage Fluid. The red wine sangria is one of the finest that my palate has tasted—unlike other outlets, they do not use red wine and the slight sweetness of the red wine kicks the perfect taste. The bourbon Wreckage Fluid is once again, one of the finest drinks from their bar menu, consisting of orange juice, corn juice, a strong kick of cinnamon and of course the delightful bourbon whiskey

Food Menu Review:

Starters:We essentially ended up ordering quite a few starters including Bhatti ka Murg Tikkaand their Classic Chicken Tikka—really big tikka peices, tender, cooked to perfection and packing a flavourful punch in every bite. Next we ordered their portion of Lamb Kibbeh which was nothing like the conventional kibbeh are supposed to be—they were a bit on the crispier side which was a bummer for me—but the dish on its own was magnificent but just not hwat kibbeh should be. Then to have my fancy taste buds satiated I ended up ordering a fancier plate of Chicken Tikka Bruschetta and my, oh my—were they delicious. Crisp and fresh bruschetta bread topped with the finest cheese and the most scrumptious chicken tikka bits. Last came the seafood with a portion each of Mustard Fish Tikka and Crispy Prawns in XO Sauce. Fish—the most exotic mustard fish tikka taste I have had. And the showstopper had to be the crispy prawns in XO sauce—not that they were crispy or anything, but the prawns were the largest I had ever seen, totally justifying their price and the flavours were gracefully subtle yet pumped enough to pack a punch of flavour with every prawn drizzled graciously in XO sauce. 

Main Course:After the scrumptious spread of starters we hardly had any space for the main course so we chose to stick to the very basic dish—a white sauce pasta named as Primavera Pasta—a delicious dish of penne pasta tossed in white sauce topped with grilled chicken and served along with a glorious piece of garlic bread. The pasta was bam up to the mark—moist, creamy and perfectly cooked plus the grilled chicken really took the dish up a notch.

Deserts: Brownie with Icecream is a classic and undoubtedly Junyard cafe seals it with love and a kiss—it is perfect. However, the second dessert we tried was a giant slice of their Nutella Cheesecake—and however amazing the cheesecake was; it just didn’t have anything nutella like in it. But the cheesecake as a classic chocolate cheesecake was bomb—exquisite in taste and oh so huge

Rating: 4.5/5

By Ishleen

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