Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tips & Tricks to Hydrate Your Body This Summer with New Oriflame Essence & Co Lemon & Verbena Range

Hey beautifuls, this year the summer is too harsh on us. No matter how much we hydrate ourselves, we are falling prey to the merciless heat of the sun. Here are some important tips & tricks to combat this extreme climatic conditions.

1. Go Fluid: Rely on intaking more water and juices. It is ok to go light on food, but not on water.

2. Choose Cotton: Wear loose cotton clothing during this time. Body hugging fabrics may cause rashes and irritation.

3. Stay Sun-safe: Dont ditch the sunscreen, even if you are indoors. Choose your sunscreen correctly and go for the one that is suitable for your skin.

4. Shower often: It is ideal to take shower at least twice a day. Taking care of your body with proper cleansing and hydrating is of utmost importance. I am currently using the newly launched Oriflame Essence & Co Lemon & Verbena Range. The range has 3 products- a Liquid Hand Soap, a Body wash and a Hand & Body Lotion.

Did you know that your hands age faster than your face? It is very important to keep your hands in good condition with proper cleansing, sanitization and hydration. The Oriflame Essence & Co Lemon & Verbena Liquid Hand Soap is infused with essential oils and keeps the hands freshly cleaned and soft. I use it often throughout the day.

I take shower twice a day with the Oriflame Essence & Co Lemon & Verbena Body Wash. With refreshing citrus notes this body wash, keeps the skin moisturized and clean. The skin feels smooth after you indulge in the rich lather of the wash.

Moisturizing your skin is really important, specially if you have dry skin like me. However, you dont want to feel like a grease ball, and so the new Oriflame Essence & Co Lemon & Verbena Hand & Body Lotion is a perfect choice. It is non-greasy, extremely moisturizing and has an invigorating summery fragrance. It not only hydrates the skin and makes it super smooth but it also makes you smell of fresh lemons throughout the day.

So this was all about how to take care of your body during summer. I am using the Oriflame Essence & Co Lemon & Verbena Range for pampering my body on a daily basis and I am very happy with it. It has kept prickly heat and body odour at bay, even if I sweat. I strongly recommend taking proper care of your body during this harsh times. Get the range here

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