Friday, July 7, 2017

Did you know #MFDayson7th

At a particular point in life, we understand the importance of saving wisely. Often as youngsters, a lot of us earn handsomely but due to lack of efficient planning, we fail to save that much for a secure future. Personally, I had been through this phase and now when I have responsibilities, I can realise how beneficial it is to save for a more secure and happy future.

Still, young professionals often tend to make the same mistakes and often believe in spending life to the fullest without thinking of a better and more prosperous future, or often settle to invest in conventional avenues of investments where the returns may not fetch much as per their expectation. To show such youngsters the better way of investment, Reliance Mutual Fund has come up with Mutual Fund Day that starts on the 7th of every month.

This noble initiative has been started to make investors realise the importance of saving through Mutual Fund. Mutual Fund is perhaps the best way to channelize a portion of the investment for any investor to get inflation beating returns. Often investors form a misconception in their mind that Mutual Fund is something related to market risk. However, in contrary to popular beliefs, Mutual Fund is something that does not only depend on markets and Equity. The money you invest can be channelized in various forms like Gold, realty, debt etc. This entirely depends on a wise adviser, who would be able to direct and manage the accounts of the investors in a way that they get the maximum return.

Reliance Mutual Fund has also come up with a very unique concept of Fund For A Friend, an app that you can use to refer the best plan of investment to a friend. It is a great step as investing in Mutual Funds has been quite productive for investors during the last few years. In a few years Reliance Mutual Fund has seen a growth of 2.11 lakh crores with 60 lakh investors. This awareness about the success and increasing popularity of Mutual Fund amongst the new generation is a shining example to glorify the importance of wise and timely saving. Thus comes Fund for a Friend as information, nowadays is shared in the quickest way possible so we can educate our friends who are willing to invest, the right way to.

Hence, a particular day dedicated for more secure and prosperous future is genuinely an incredible approach. Why not join the revolution and spread awareness of Mutual Funds to potential investors on the 7th of every month from now on?

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