Monday, July 31, 2017

Iraa InstaRenew Multi-Action Under Eye Cream Review

Hi beautifuls, recently I have been going through a lot of illness in my family. My whole family has fallen a victim to the evils of this unpleasant weather. I am having sleepless nights and obviously getting dark circles. I am being frank, I generally do not have the problem of dark circles but often situations can play havoc with your features. However, in I was lucky to receive the Iraa InstaRenew Multi Action Under Eye Cream on time.

About Iraa InstaRenew Multi Action Under Eye Cream:
Iraa Instarenew Multi-Action Under Eye Cream is a night cream with unique blend of Exotic Algae, Grapeseed, Cucumber and Shea Butter. Enriched with Vitamin E and anti-ageing properties this cream helps in reducing puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. This fast absorbing, fragrance-free formula is designed to soothe the delicate eye area leaving the skin moisturised and giving you a renewed, youthful look.

Price: Rs. 490 Available here

Packaging: Iraa InstaRenew Multi Action Under Eye Cream comes in a white outer packaging. The cream comes in a tube packaging.
My experience: As I said, I was in desperate need to fight the dark circles, I started using the Iraa InstaRenew Multi Action Under Eye Cream just immediately after getting it. I like the simple white packaging and also the narrow nozzle from which a very small amount oozes out. The cream is very hydrating. It is not at all thick and immediately gives a softer feel to the eye area, once applied. The cream is fragrance free and works on multiple issues like dark circles, crow's feet, puffiness. 

Iraa InstaRenew Multi Action Under Eye Cream is formulated with exotic algae, grapeseed, shea butter, cucumber and Vitamin E. The consistency of the cream is very unique. It has a watery base but it is not at all runny. It immediately soothes the eye area. After using it for almost 3 weeks, I could see a lot of positive results. The undereye area looks much smoother and my dark circles have been reduced considerably. 

Rating: 4.5/5

Iraa InstaRenew Multi Action Under Eye Cream is a really nice all-purpose eye cream. I am not sure how it fares on puffiness, but for getting brighter and smoother under eye area, it works great. I would strongly suggest the cream for everyone, specially those who like non-sticky water based products.

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