Saturday, July 29, 2017

My Monsoon Skincare Routine with Biotique Botanicals

Hello beautifuls, How is monsoon treating you? It has been really unkind to me. I had flu, and my baby who had just recovered from severe diarrhoea, has got that from me. and when she is recovering, now my husband caught the flu.  Anyway, I have gone back to one of my favourite brands Biotique for my monsoon skincare. I have used their products for the entire winter months and loved how the regime had worked.

About Biotique Botanicals:
Considered as one of the most trusted Indian Botanical brands, Biotique Botanicals has proven time and again, that nature can be the best healer. The skin and hair care range of Biotique Botanicals is diverse and addresses a whole lot of issues with superior quality products that are derived from botanical extracts.

My Skin Care Essentials from Biotique Botanicals:
There is lot of humidity during the monsoon. Therefore I am using products that are suitable for this humid weather. The products that I am using from Biotique Botanicals are:

1. Biotique Botanicals Bio Pineapple Oil Control Foaming Cleanser: Formulated with extracts of tropical pineapple, neem leaves & clove oil, this cleanser smells so deliciously fruity. I like how clean and fresh the skin feels after the use. It is really good for oily to normal skin. For those with dry skin, you may feel a bit of tightness around the cheeks, so immediate moisturization is required. However, it can revive the skin very well. The gloomy weather can cause dullness in the skin and this cleanser immediately gives an instant revival.

2. Biotique Botanicals Bio Cucumber Pure Tightening Toner: When I shared  my winter skin care routine, a lot of you have asked me to use Biotique toner, so this time I added it in my regime. I really needed something that tightens my pore and this toner does the job pretty well. I use a lot of highlighters for makeup. Sometimes my pores become quite visible under the light, and I was thinking of something that my stop the appearance of pores. This toner is really good and does what it claims. The only thing that I do not like about the toner is the little soapy feel once you apply it with a cottton pad.

3. Biotique Botanicals Bio Aloe Vera Ulra Soothing Sunscreen: As your wish is my command, I added a sunscreen from Biotque in my regime this time. A lot of you have queries regarding their suncare products and they a have a few of those. I chose this one as to me anything aloe vera is amazing. This sunscreen is blended with pure aloe vera, sunflower and safflower oils. The best thing about the lotion is it can be used as a moisturizer. If you have oily/combination skin, you do not need any separate moisturizer before this. Since I have dry skin, I use a different moisturizer before applying the sunscreen. It is a very gentle product, and does not leave annoying white residues behind, like other sunscreens.

4. Biotique Botanicals Bio Clove Purifying Anti-Blemish Face Pack: This is something I have kept handy. I do not use it on a regular basis. But once in a while, those occasional zits can be taken good care of with this pack. If you have oily and acne prone skin you can use it, twice a week on your entire face. However, if you suffer from occasional ones, you can do a spot treatment by applying the pack to the required area only. I have used the product on my entire face, and it is quite drying for my skin. So using it a s a spot-treatment product is much better for me.

So, this was my simple and no-fuss monsoon skincare routine with Biotique Botanical products. I am really liking the results of the regime. Special mention to the appearance of pores been controlled remarkably. Are you using any of Biotique porducts? If not. you can try here.

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