Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Niconi Emulso Waterless Facewash for Women Review

Hey beautifuls, how are you? I am feeling amazing, enjoying the monsoons and all set for a getaway next weekend. Have you guys ever thought while rinsing your face at night, what if there was a cleanser that did not require rinsing with water? Well, I feel often, specially during the cold months. I think my secret wish has been heard and we have the Niconi Emulso Waterless Facewash for Women.

About Niconi Emulso Waterless Facewash for Women:
Have you imagined a face "wash" without "Water"? Earlier it was just an imagination but now it´s a reality called Emulso. It´s a MULTI-PURPOSE PRODUCT.
Waterless face wash
Skin softener
Facial oil remover
Ultimate cleansure
Makeup primer
Makeup remover
Pollution buster
Glowing agent
Enhances facial results
Replaces cleansing milk
Facilitates the skin breathing
Breaks carbon monoxide bonds which no other Product is able to do till date
Used in manicure and pedicure to clean up and give a glowing effect and softness

Price: Rs.230 

Packaging: Niconi Emulso Waterless Facewash for Women comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a silver cap and silver pump.
My experience: The packaging of the Niconi Emulso Waterless Facewash for Women is quite simple yet attractive, specially because you can see the pretty pink emulsion through the bottle. The fragrance is refreshing and immediately gives you a feel of salons. As instructed, you have to spray the emulsion on your face and then wipe with a fresh wipe/tissue. It does not leave any sticky residue after the wipe, which is great. The face feels really clean and freshened. I do not see any added glow, but it obviously removes shine and oil. In fact, it feels somewhat dry on my dry skin after use. I think it would be great for those with oily skin.

Now coming to the makeup removing part, I feel Niconi Emulso Waterless Facewash for Women  removes light makeup well, just like any cleansing milk, or cream cleanser, but stubborn eye makeup or lipstick stains is not that easy to remove with it. However, I tried using it as a primer, and I think it gave a smoother application to my foundation. I have not tried it for pedicure or manicure, so will not be able to comment on that. I generally use the product for my night time skin routine before applying my night serum/cream. And I have not faced any issue or breakouts.

1. Great substitute for a face wash
2. Removes light makeup easily
3. Leaves skin fresh and oil-free
4. Great for oily skin
5. Good as a primer
6. Totally waterless process
7. Nice packaging
8. Smells nice
9. Available in another variety for men

1. Loaded with chemicals
2. Can be drying for dry skin

Rating: 3.8/5

Niconi Emulso Waterless Facewash for Women is a real saver when you want to ditch the water rinse. It cleanses skin well, and gives the skin a nice oil-free freshness. I would recommend it for those who have oily skin and who want a quick bedtime skin care.

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