Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Richfeel Anagrow Treatment for Hair Thinning Review

Hello beautifuls, hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was a little tipsy, for my baby fell sick and that is the reason I could not pen down my thoughts about the Richfeel Anagrow Hair Treatment that I had taken a week back. If you are following me on Instagram & Snapchat(jhilmildsaha) you must have watched the glimpses of the procedure. However, today I am going to tell you about the procedure in details.

Types of Hair Treatment at Richfeel Trichology Centre:
Richfeel Trichology Centres around the nation has been treating patients with hair related issues for years. The main therapies are:
1.Photo bio Therapy
5.Hair Hydro Therapie

About Anagrow:
Anagrow or the Hair Thinning Treatment has been designed after extensive research. This one-of-a-kind treatment has been eventually discovered and developed the application of plant stem cell technology for hair regeneration, in collaboration with scientists from Switzerland and Italy.

The Details of Anagrow:
Anagrow involves 21 sessions of therapy. The first session lasts for 55 minutes and the rest 20 sessions for 45 minutes each.

3 Steps Procedure of Anagrow:
1. Ultrasonic Detox: This step is done with the help of the Anagrow Spray, which is sprayed thoroughly on the scalp to remove the dead cells of the scalp for 10 minutes. It may give a slight tingling sensation.

2. Stimulation: In this step, the Photo Bio Therapy Comb is used to stimulate active hair follicle. This comb has infrared light and with its cold laser beam, it enhances the process of stimulation.

3. Rejuvenation: In this step, the Anagrow C is applied with the help of a roller to deeply penetrate in the scalp. This is the most important part of the treatment.

Finally, the patient is served with a food tray, consisting of healthy food and the Anatea.

My experience: I had visited the Richfeel Trichology Centre at Powai. I was really happy to be greeted with extreme courtesy by the front desk and my therapist. I was led to the room for the service and made comfortable. The therapist was very gentle in explaining all the procedures and steps in details. I was really happy to see that she had answers to all my queries, and if not she was making it a point to verify with other seniors/doctor at the centre. Now, this is what you need from a service that you are paying money for! The whole procedure was done with utmost care and cleanliness. The therapist made sure to sanitise her hands before the treatment.

Now about the results, my hair felt softer and that's all that I can say about my experience because a 21 session treatment cannot be judged by just 1 single session. However, as I said earlier, what I liked about the whole procedure is the way and overall care that was taken.  There fore I can say, the whole treatment looks very promising and reliable. They also provide a hair care kit that has to be applied at home according to the instructions of the doctor/therapist.

Richfeel Anagrow Treatment for Hair Thinning is for those who are suffering from the evils of hair thinning. To get the most out of any treatment, you need to be extremely patient and thoroughly follow the guidelines & instructions that have been given by the doctor.

Total Cost of the Treatment: Rs. 36000/-

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