Thursday, July 20, 2017

Top 5 Inatur Herbal Products for Dry Skin

Hello pretties, you know what. I have been wondering of late that if we have so many good herbal brands in India, why do we venture out and invest in foreign brands that cost more than double the price! Well, of course to each his own, but I have decided to try out more and more Indian brands and talk about them, and the products I think are exceptionally amazing. Today in the list is Inatur Herbals, which I have been introduced to a couple of years back. I use a lot of their products. Interestingly, when I started using their products, my skin was oily to combination but in a few years, due to some adverse effect of medication, my skin has become very dry. At that time, I had used their products that are meant for oily to combination skin, but now for the past 3 months I have been using their products that are for dry skin, and I am absolutely loving most of the products.

Here are the Top 5 Inatur Herbal Products for Dry Skin:

1. Inatur Herbals Rose Face Pack: With a 20-month-old to be taken care of, I often have to skip my daily skin pampering sessions, that I never had failed to do before. These days, this Rose Pack does the job of my saviour. With the goodness of Rose oil, almond oil & aloe vera, this face pack is a source of enriching nourishment for the skin. I am not exaggerating, but if you are really running out of time and need an instant revival to your skin, just apply this pack and you will the difference in just 15 minutes.

2. Inatur Herbals Facial Mist Toners: There are 2 varieties of the toner, the Refreshing Cucumber and the Hydrating Aqua Rose. Ideally, the Cucumber toner is for removing excess oil and open clogged pores, and the rose one is to nourish & tone skin. However, I include both in the list for dry skin, because at times, when you have just come back home from the extremely hot weather, the cucumber toner, meant for oily skin, can also work great for dry skin by cooling without making the skin dry. The skin looks fresh, supple and feel softer and plumper with each spray of the toners.

3. Inatur Herbals Pomegranate Scrub: Dry skin tends to show the signs of ageing quite fast, and to combat the situation an antioxidant scrub, with exfoliating properties is a must. This Pomegranate scrub is very gentle with soft beads that exfoliate without being harsh and sloughs off dead cells. It literally gives a renewed effect with regular use (twice a week). It gives an instant renewal effect to the skin. It is best to spray the Rose Facial Toner mist post use.

4. Inatur Herbals Silky Skin Face Wash: It is a dream for those with dry skin. Formulated with rose oil, this face wash literally gives a silky effect to the skin after use. It takes away all dirt and impurities without drying, recharges the skin and gives an unmatchable softness. It cleanses deeply without stripping off the oil.

5. Inatur Herbals Rose Sheet Mask: This is perhaps the first herbal sheet mask in India. One use is enough to totally transform your skin. In days when your skin is feeling extremely dry or needs a quick revive, you need this sheet mask to do the magic. I have used the mask just once, and cannot wait to use it again to repeat the wonder it does to my dry skin.

So these were , by far the Top 5 Inatur Herbals products for Dry skin. I will do a Top 10 list if you want in future. Have you used thier products? Let me know which one is your favourite. If you want to try their products, this is where you can find:

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