Friday, August 18, 2017

3 ways to use the Fuschia Berry Blend Brightening Face Gel

Hey beautifuls, hope you are having a great weekend. I am having a nice one, and I am excited as tomorrow I am going to meet my friend Khushboo, after a long time. I have been using a lot of face masks recently. Fuschia has sent me few to try out, and today I am going to talk about the Fuschia Berry Blend Brightening Face Gel:

About Fuschia Berry Blend Brightening Face Gel:
This Fusion Of Blueberries & Raspberries Is Rich In Anti-Oxidants That Slow Down The Damaging Effect Of Free Radicals On Your Skin. This Formula Imparts Glowing Complexion And A Firmer Tone To Make Your Skin More Youthful.

Price: Rs.400

How to Use?

1. As a Flash Mask: If you are looking tired and dull, before going to a special occasion, this gel comes handy as an instant glow booster. Just apply a thick layer on the face, keep it for 5-8 minutes and then either rinse off with water or wipe with a cotton soaked in your favourite toner. The anti-oxidant properties of the mask helps to give a renewal effect to the skin.You will see how the skin looks bright and glowing.

2. As a Massage Gel: If you have been looking for a massage gel that tightens & brightens your face, this gel is the one to choose. For this you need a small quantity of the gel, which you apply on clean and dry skin. Slowly massage your face in quick and soft fingers, moving upwards. Do not use your palm. Continue doing it till the mask gets soaked into the skin. If you find greasiness wipe with a tissue.

3. As an Overnight Mask: Now this is the easiest thing to do. I will recommend doing it if:
a. Your skin is on the drier side
b. You need a total revival of the skin
Just apply it evenly on the face before going to bed. Do not massage or wipe it off. Just keep it that way. In the morning rinse it off with water and you will find the difference.

Benefits of the Fuschia Berry Blend Brightening Face Gel:
1. It is suitable for all skin types
2. It brightens skin effectively
3. Imparts a noticeable glow
4. Smells really nice
5. Can be used for making diy face scrubs or face masks
6. Cruelty free
7. Softens skin

Fuschia Berry Blend Brightening Face Gel is an excellent product that can be used in a multiple way to achieve bright and spotless skin that looks radiant and feels soft.

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