Thursday, August 24, 2017

Haul experience from Newchic

Hey everyone, what’s up? Today, I’m going to share with you a post that I was meant to share long ago. You’ll get to know what took me so long to write it down. So, without further ado let’s get into it.

About Newchic (What They Claim): We want to make you look good for less. If you are craving for something new, fresh, and stylish then NewChic will help you get the perfect look! NewChic offers a huge selection of the latest clothing and accessories for both men and women. Fashion never sleeps and every day you can discover new items being added to our catalog. Our large operations keep our costs down and we pass this advantage on to you with our fabulous prices. Our fashion has been discovered across the globe. With an international shipping network, all our items can be shipped internationally via registered tracked mail.

What I Got: Let’s see what I got from Newchic.

1. Girl Vintage Casual Sweet School Bag Retro Leisure Travel Backpack:
I got this cute pink backpack from them as I needed one urgently. I jumped with joy when I saw this. This is priced at 1097.91/-

2. Women UV400 Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses Flat Lens Metal Frame Oversized Mirror Eyewear:
I love sunglasses and I was in a hunt for cat eye sunglasses for a really long time and when I saw them on the website I almost died. They looked so stunning and aesthetically pleasing. They are priced at 546/-.

Both the products have various color options to choose from.

My Experience: Now comes the most important part. Usually in haul posts I don’t write a separate section of how my experience was but in this case I am bound to dedicate a separate part of my experience with newchic. They reached us sometime before and wanted us to collaborate. We said okay and they offered a 40$ gift card and told that the gift card includes the shipping. Okay cool, we placed our order but we could only order for 22.6$ out of the 40$ because the rest 17.4$ was covered in shipping. I’m also attaching the screenshot of the shipping charge so that nothing is hidden from you. I will give my honest feedback to you guys no matter what. Hence, point no 1 is that the shipping charges are crazy. After this comes point no 2 and the worst part which are the products. I went crazy after I saw the pictures on the website. I thought that the products were really of good quality and are durable. But, I was extremely wrong. The quality of the products is not at all what they seem like and actually quite bad. The sunglasses were loose and did not fit on my face. The nose grip of the sunglasses broke away and the packaging was extremely poor. It was wrapped in some plastic covers. The bag had dirt all over it and the pockets in the bag smelled of dead rats which was unbearable. This is the reason I did not want to dedicate a post on but then I thought it’s my duty to let you know about what kind of experience I had. It may differ accordingly. But for me, I’m not at all impressed. That’s all I got to say about my experience.

Rating: 2.5/5.

I don’t know what to say more and whether to recommend to you guys or not. Honestly, I feel I should not but I am no one to make others decision. So I just shared my honest feedback which is not at all satisfactory.

By Airene Guha

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