Monday, August 14, 2017

My Hair Colour Story with BBlunt Salon Secret Hi Shine Hair Colour

I have not really coloured my hair and had been happy with my natural black hair. But this time, after much thought I decided to go for colouring. I chose BBlunt Salon Secret Hi Shine Hair Colour. Out of the 7 outstanding shades, I chose the shade Dark Brown.

The Contents of the BBlunt Salon Secret Hi Shine Hair Colour:
The BBlunt Salon Secret Hi Shine Hair Colour is a 3 parts 30 minutes hair colour that contains:

Salon Secret Colourant:
1 Tube of Crème Colourant 20 gms.
Shine Tonic:

2 sachets of Shine Tonic ( 1ml each ) has Silk Proteins.
Easy Instructions for Usage:

1 Instruction leaflet, follow the instructions carefully.
Salon Secret Developer:

1 Tube of Developer 20 gms.

1 Pair of disposable gloves, wear these while you colour to protect your hands.

My experience: I had always stayed away from colouring, firstly due to the fear of damage to my already problematic hair and secondly due to the lengthy process and hours of wait. However, this 30 minutes BBlunt Salon Secret Hi Shine Hair Colour has proved me wrong. It is so easy to use, specially for lazy girls like me and it has not dried the hair still. The colour is rich and deep and suits me and my style.. My hair feels shiny and silky.

In few words, BBlunt Salon Secret Hi Shine Hair Colour is an amazing hair colour, that can give you a total makeover in just 30 minutes.

Picture credit: Khushboo Motihar

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