Saturday, September 23, 2017

Catrice Ultimate Color Lipstick Review

Hey guys what’s up? I’m too excited and busy preparing for the festivals.This is the beginning of the festive season and you need to keep your essentials ready. With essentials comes makeup and with makeup comes lipsticks. Today I’m here to talk about a beautiful lipstick which may help you in during the festivities. I’m going to review the Catrice Ultimate Color Lipstick. So, without further ado let’s get into it.

What they claim:

· Rich and creamy, highly-pigmented color with stunning long lasting shine

· Smooth texture glides on easily with single stroke coverage.

Price: 4.90£ (available on

Packaging: The product comes in a sturdy black container. It looks very classy and luxurious and feels quite heavy. It feels like a high-end brand. The shade name is mentioned on the bottom and the rest are black. The cap is quite sturdy and it locks the product quite well.

Product: The lipstick comes in a common bullet form and smells of flowers. The color payoff is quite nice. It’s very creamy and moisturizing.

My Experience: Well, I’m a makeup junkie. I’m a sucker for everything that says makeup and that obviously includes lipsticks. If you follow me on Instagram (@munairene20) you know that recently I uploaded some posts about my “Top 5 favorite lipsticks” . The Catrice Ultimate Color Lipstick is one of them. I don’t know what to say about this lipstick. It’s so good so good I can’t even. The color payoff is awesome. The pigmentation is hands down the best I’ve used. It’s so creamy and moisturizing that glides on your lips like a dream. The packaging is very sturdy which makes it easier to carry around. This lipstick from Catrice can give competition to high-end brands, I’m not kidding you guys. It stays on for hours even though it’s not matte. Every girl should own at least one of the Catrice Ultimate Color Lipstick. The quality you get for the price in unbelievable. If you look at the picture carefully you can see I’ve used up more than half of it. This is the one lipstick I reach for the most. I strongly recommend you guys to get your hands on the Catrice Ultimate Color Lipstick.


1. Luxurious Packaging.

2. Affordable.

3. Available.

4. Smooth.

5. Creamy.

6. Moisturizing.

7. Glides on easily

8. 1 coat gives opaque finish.

9. Travel- Friendly.

10. Floral Smell.

11. Staying Power is good.


1. May transfer a bit due to it’s creaminess.

Rating: 4.75/5

Overall, I am head over heels for the Catrice Ultimate Color Lipstick. I strongly recommend you to give this a try. Happy Durga Puja and Happy Navratas in advance to you guys.

By Airene

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