Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Inatur Herbals Baby Cream Review

Just like in movies, there are stars & super stars among products that we use in our daily lives. When it comes to my baby, of course I will choose those that fall in the category of super star. I have tried a lot of baby creams and lotions for my baby. She has dry and sensitive skin. She had also suffered some scalding from an accident. I was prescribed a good baby cream on the scalding mark by her pediatrician. After trying a lot of popular baby creams & lotions, when I found that my baby was not getting the required amount of skin nourishment, and healing treatment on her burn marks, I opted to try an organic brand, that I trust blindly on. I got the Inatur Herbals Baby Cream.

About Inatur Herbals Baby Cream:
Baby skin is very delicate and loses moisture quickly, Inatur baby cream is a special blend of light esters and emollients that held to moisturize delicate baby skin leaving it soft.

Price: Rs. 380 for 200g

Packaging: The Inatur Herbals Baby Cream comes in a pink tub packaging with a twist open lid. There is a white inner plastic cover to protect the cream.

My experience: The ingredients that Inatur Herbals Baby Cream is made of itself gives a mother assurance of a safe and positive performance from the product. Made up of glycerin, Almond oil, Calendula extracts, Lavender oil & shea butter, the cream is extremely nourishing and soothing at the same time. My baby started crying whenever I had applied a lotion & cream on the burn mark before. I guess the chemicals used in so called popular brands used to give a burning sensation. I tried aloe vera gel, although it did not burn the skin, or made her uncomfortable, it did not really do anything much to improve the skin condition. With the Inatur Herbals Baby Cream I can see a lot of difference. 

First of all, her dry skin has never felt so soft and nourished before. secondly she does not feel uncomfortable at the application of the cream on her burn marks. Thirdly, there was a bit of dark patches on her buttocks due to diapers, which is getting faded quite quickly. I apply it on her lips too, and it is never left dry. I think this cream will be suitable even for moms too. Specially during the upcoming dry season, both baby & mama can get the benefit of this baby cream to soothe dryness.

Rating: 5/5

Inatur Herbals Baby Cream is by far the best baby product that I have used for my baby. This post is neither sponsored, nor has the brand provided me the product. It is only my experience and trust on the brand that has made me rate it so high. I will be trying out the diaper Rash cream next. We do not find many organic baby care products in India and I am glad that Inatur Herbals have introduced it. For more check out their website here .

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