Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Epigamia Greek Yogurt: Anytime, Everytime!!

Hey beautifuls, how are you girls doing? How was your festivals? Hope you all had fun. I had lot of fun with back to back parties(which btw still continues till the end of the month). However, with these parties and most of the time staying outside the house, has taken a troll on my baby's health. She has lost her appetite and is being very fussy with food. All she is wanting to have are icecreams. Obviously I cannot allow her to have icecreams all the time, so as a healthier alternative I gave her Epigamia Greek Yogurt.

About Epigamia Greek Yogurt:
The makers of Epigamia Greek Yogurt has wanted to bridge the gap between meals, when we crave for some tasty snack. Their innovation has taken a leap in the form of a healthy snack. Greek yogurt which is low in fat and high in protein.
This little cup is full of goodness, loaded with natural ingredients and bursting with delicious flavours, will have your taste buds dancing ‘til the last spoon!

What is "Epigamia"?

What are the flavours you get in Epigamia Greek Yogurt?

Snack Packs: Epigamia Greek Yogurt has come up with wholesome snacking option where you get a cup of yogurt along with a cup of Barley Puff or Chunky Granola.

1. Jalapeno Greek Yogurt with Barley Puff
2. Cream & Onion Greek Yogurt with Barley Puff
3. Strawberry Greek Yogurt with Chunky Granola
4. Mango Greek Yogurt with Chunky Granola

Price: Rs.60 for 112 g

Greek Yogurt:
The flavours that you get in Epigamia Greek Yogurt are:
1. Natural
2. Mango
3. Strawberry
4. Blueberry
5. Honey Banana
6. Green Apple
7. Vanilla Beans

Price: Rs. 38 for 90g

My experience: As I said, my baby wanted to have something creamy, preferably cold. So everyday was a Epigamia Greek Yogurt day for her. She is very fond of Straberries, so her favourite had been the strawberry flavour. She also liked the honey banana one and the mango one. I personally liked the Blueberry and natural one.

Each Epigamia Greek Yogurt is a powerhouse of essential nutrients, with approximately 100 kcal of energy, 6 g of protein, 130 mg of calcium, 2 mg of Vitamin C, 2 g of fat and Carbs ranging from 6 to 22 g.

In the snack packs, I liked the Mango Greek Yogurt with Chunky Granola and am looking forward to try the non-sweet ones with Barley Puff.

Each Epigamia Greek Yogurt Snack Pack offers healthy and tasty snack, packed with all sorts of goodness from natural ingredients and no preservatives.

Overall, the experience had been incredible experience with a wholesome snacking option for my baby, who not only got her needed nutrients but also her desired taste. Epigamia Greek Yogurt is a very necessary and healthy alternative to regular unhealthy snacking, both for kids and adults. It has all the necessary nutrients in natural form. Its a must-have recommendation from our side, specially I would suggest trying out the snack packs.

For more information on Epigamia Greek Yogurt please check their website here

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