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Skin Care Villa Green Tea Mint Face Pack & Coffee Mud Mask Review

The best feeling that our skin experiences is perhaps after using a good mask. A good mask or face pack makes the skin softer, smoother, fresher and youthful. Today I will be sharing with you my experience with Skin Care Villa Green Tea Mint Face Pack & Coffee Mud Mask.

About Skin Care Villa:
Skin Care Villa is an Instagram store based in Bangalore, offering natural skin loving products. They have face masks, cleansers and facial oil that are made with love and ingredients from natural sources.

Green Tea Mint Face Pack:
Price: Rs.225 for 30g
This face pack, is made with Organic green tea, mint powder, oats and Kaolin clay.
This pack have to be applied as a thick paste, made by mixing with water. When it gets dry, you need to splash water and remove it slowly, without rubbing off.

After Navratri, my skin had started acting strange and I was getting few pimples now and then. I started using this pack and truly it has treated my skin rightly. The pimples reduced and I was left with a fresher and healthier skin. Since I have dry skin, my skin feels a bit dry after using this pack. I think it will be more suitable for those with oily skin. However I am not complaining as it helped me get rid of the pimples.

Coffee Mud Mask:
Price: Rs.225 for 30g
This face pack is made with Organic coffee powder, Rhassoul clay, Bentonite clay & Kaolin clay.
This mask has to be applied as a thin layer after mixing with plain water.

I started with this pack quite recently. This is one of the feel-good masks I was talking about at the beginning of the post. The most noticeable point is it softens the skin instantly. My skin feels very nourished and refreshed at the same time. I guess it is the magic of the ingredients that works wonders for my skin to feel better and also enhance the glow. This mask is so good, it can actually be useful to rejuvenate tired and dull skin. This is one of my favourite masks as it leaves the skin hydrated.

Skin Care Villa Green Tea Mint Face Pack & Coffee Mud Mask are really great products for revival of the skin in a natural and safe way. I am happy that Skin Care Villa shares every ingredient in detail and also asks for patch test before use. I strongly suggest the Coffee Mud Mask for all skin types and Green Tea Mint pack for those with oily skin or pimples. I will be waiting eagerly for their next launch now.
To know more about their products please visit their store here


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