Saturday, November 25, 2017

Greenberry Organics Mud-Ash 3 in 1 Review

Hey beautiful people, what’s up? How are you all doing? What’s the weather like where you stay? Here, it’s damn confusing. I mean, can the weather not come to one decision? Either be hot or cold, don’t stay in between. Anyways, now coming to today’s topic. What are we doing today? Today, I’m going to talk about one more interesting product from Greenberry Organics. It’s the Greenberry Organics Mud-Ash 3 in 1 Mask, Scrub and Cleanser. A product that can be used in three different ways, Interesting right? So, without further ado let’s get into it.

About Greenberry Organics: They are an honest initiative which stands by bringing the best blend of Ayurveda and Apothecary. Enjoy nature’s finest ingredients blended together. All of their products are free from harmful toxins like Silicones, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, DEA, TEA, Phthalates, Phosphates, any Artificial Fillers, SLES/SLS or Parabens.

Price: 595/- for 100 gms .

Packaging: The product comes in a transparent jar in a box. The box is colored green on all the sides except the top and the bottom flab. The top and the bottom flab is white. There are small details about the company all around the box. On opening the box we see a transparent tub that is huge. It comes with a white lid. The lid has a green sticker on top that says the product name. The container is further surrounded with labels with all the details of the product.

Product: The product is thick but it spreads very easily. It is grey in color and has a quite pleasant fragrance. The consistency of the product is exactly what the name says Mud-Ash. It’s like mud mixed with Ash. You can feel some particles in it while applying it.

·        My Experience: Besides makeup, I trying out new packs and masks. I’m a huge skincare junkie. But, that doesn’t mean I’ll try whatever comes in my way. My hair and skin are two things I’m very skeptical about. When I received the Greenberry Organics Mud-Ash 3 in 1 Mask Scrub and Cleanser, the name intrigued me very much. Then I read out all the ingredients which seemed absolutely harmless to me. It’s vegan, it’s organic and it’s cruelty-free. What’s better than this? So, do I like it? No, I don’t like it. I love it. I saw the difference within the first use. Firstly, a very little amount of product is required to cover the whole face. A little goes a long way. Though it’s thick but it spreads easily all over the face. The fragrance is nice, it’ll not bother you. I left it around for 15 mins and then rinsed it off. My face definitely felt clean and fresh. It did not dry up my skin at all. There was a little bit of difference in my blackheads from the very first use. My skin felt so soft and smooth after using this. It also made me feel fresh. I’ve used it around two-three times and blackheads almost disappeared. I’m seeing a change in my skin which now looks healthy and fresh. I got a full facial at home with using only this baby within 20 minutes. So, that’s awesome.

1. Simple packaging.
2. Not too pricey.
3. A little goes a long way.
4. It’s a 3 in 1 so it works as a mask, scrub and Cleanser.
5. Pleasant fragrance.
6. Organic.
7. Vegan.
8. Cruelty-free.
9. Cleanses pretty well.
10. Soft smooth clear skin.
11. Available online easily.
12. Doesn’t dry up the skin..

Cons: None, I can think of.

Rating: 5/5

Overall, I love this product so very much. I guess Greenberry Organics product is so effective that no one can afford to miss them. What are you waiting for? Go, check them out now. 

By Airene

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