Monday, December 11, 2017

Feminine Hygiene Haul From Everteen and Mini Reviews

Hey girls, what’s up? How are you all doing? Today’s post is very special. It’s about female hygiene. It is a very important topic which I feel doesn’t get the desired attention. I’m obviously not going to give a speech about the whole thing. I’m just here to show you some awesome products for taking care of our delicate areas. So, without further ado let’s get started.

About Everteen: Everteen is one of the brands of Wet & Dry Group. Everteen enjoys the largest product portfolio in feminine intimate hygiene category and cater to global customers and helps them maintain complete feminine hygiene. Everteen is one of leading and premium brand in feminine hygiene category. The products under Everteen are as follows. You can visit them at .

1. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash: So, most of us ladies ignore the fact that we should use an intimate wash to wash our private parts and no other soaps or wash. This is because the pH balance level gets disturbed which might result in infections. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is one such pH balanced wash and on top of that it is soap, SLS & SLES Free. IT has 100% natural active ingredients. It prevents unpleasant odor, protects natural pH balance and relieves from itching and burning. I’ve already exhausted more than half of the bottle and am using it daily. It works extremely well. The Everteen Natural Intimate Wash retails for 170/- (100ml). 

2. Everteen Intimate Hygiene Wipes: This is for us to maintain intimate hygiene on the go. This comes in a box of 15 individually wrapped wipes priced for 99/- . They are made up of 100% natural and biodegradable fabrics. Each wipe is alcohol-free, paraben-free, hypoallergic, anti-bacterial and pH balanced. They help us feel fresh and clean, relieve discomfort and help prevent infection. The key ingredients used in the liquid are derived from natural plant extracts. Now there is no need to carry those bulky packs when you can carry two or three or as many Everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes in your hand bag as you would need for a day. 

3. Everteen Crème Hair Remover Bikini Line: Let’s be real ladies, bikini waxing is a pain to go-through. But, the Everteen Crème Hair Remover Bikini Line has made it easier for us. It’s as effective as waxing but totally painless. Everteen creme hair remover bikini line effectively removes hair around tender bikini lines leaving skin soft & smooth.Fortified with natural camomile extracts, you can be rest assured that there will be no razor bumps or ingrown Hair, no razor cuts, nicks &burns, no skin darkening no harsh smell. It comes with a spatula, two compressed paper towels and the cream. The 50gm pack retails for 149/-.

4. Everteen 100% Cotton Top Sanitary Napkin Pad: Now, we all become a little skeptical while choosing sanitary napkins and we should be. There is that one brand which only met our expectations. We want a sanitary napkin that is long-lasting, prevents leakage, breathable, controls odor and most importantly shouldn’t be uncomfortable and harsh. You can find all of these qualities in the Everteen 100% Cotton Top Sanitary Napkin Pad. These are 100% soft cotton pads for an instant dry and soft feel. They are a pack of 10 individually wrapped pads with 2 intimate hygiene wipes worth 249/-.

5. Everteen 100% Cotton Top Daily Panty Liners: Everteen Daily Panty Liners are specially designed to be worn comfortably every day. Everteen Panty Liners are perfect for everyday protection from discharge, urine leakage or unexpected period. They absorb wetness instantly and help you maintain your panty clean, fresh and stain free. Now, you need not be confused about when you get your periods or when it’s gonna stop. We all know how irritating the last day could be. They are a pack of 36 individually wrapped liners worth 199/-.

So, these are all I got from Everteen. You should definitely go check them out and have their products with you. That’s all for now. Bye, folks!

By Airene

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