Friday, December 1, 2017


Hey guys, what’s up? Winter is almost here. It’s starting to get cold. I was recently browsing through this site known as Sevengrils and I found an amazing collection of ugly sweaters. Now, if you don’t know what ugly sweaters are then they are basically Christmas sweaters or jumpers. With Christmas just around the corner I thought why not share with you my wishlist for Sevengrils Ugly Sweaters. So, without further ado let’s jump right in.

Let’s Get A Little Funky This Christmas ;)

1. Black Crew Neck Striped Pocket Funny Christmas Sweater: This crew neck sweater says it’s funny but to be honest I think it can make quite a fun and happy look for the clumsy college days. I’ll totally pair it up with a pair of black denims and rock it on.

2. Red Crew Neck Shark Printed Funny Christmas Sweater: Another funky comfortable piece. Okay, I’m all about cozy comfortable styles in the winters and if it comes with style then I’m sold. This would look perfect paired with dark blue denims. Another fun piece to add to your gloomy winter days. 

3. Multi Color Crew Neck Gingham Sequins Cute Sweater: Why not add some colors to your chronicles? This sweater will surely give you that summer vibes and brighten up your days. 

4. Green Crew Neck Santa Printed Funny Christmas Sweater:
This one just adds the Christmas feeling and is super cute. You can totally rock this on any day. 

5. Ivory Crew Neck Reindeer Printed Long Ugly Christmas Sweater: Last but not the least this pretty white piece with the cute reindeer looks so fantastic and relaxing. I’m in total love with this.

Well, that was my ugly Christmas Sweater wishlist from Sevengrils. I hope you liked them and don’t forget to check them out. They have super cool stuffs around. Happy Winters!

By Airene

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