Friday, December 1, 2017

*New launch Alert* Inatur Herbals Pomegranate Sheet Mask

Hello pretties, hope you guys are doing great. I have been following a strict skin care regime for the past 1 month now. And interestingly I am using a sheet mask everyday. So its #30daysofsheetmask challenge for me. Recently I have added another gem to my sheet mask collection and that is the newly launched Inatur Herbals Pomegranate Sheet Mask.

About Inatur Herbals Pomegranate Sheet Mask:
Pomegranate sheet mask enriched with Pomegranate extracts, Apricot oil and Glycerin, it exfoliates dead skin cells, ensures cell renewal, helps to remove excess oil, unclogs pores, nourishes and rejuvenates skin.

Price: Rs.100
Available here

My experience: I am in general obsessed with sheet masks. They are by far the best user-friendly skincare product invented ever ( my thoughts). When I saw the Inatur Pomegranate Sheet mask, I got very excited. Why? Because of Pomegranate.

1. Pomegranate has great anti-ageing properties
2. Helps in dealing with pigmentation and tanning
3. Helps in strengthening the epidermis and tightening it.
4. Helps in cell generation
5. Improves the skin texture

And the Inatur Herbals Pomegranate Sheet Mask has added benefits of apricot oil that is another powerful anti-ageing ingredient. The sheet is made with plant derived natural fiber, which gets another brownie point from me.  

Image Courtesy: Khuhsboo Motihar
Now about the performance of the Inatur Herbals Pomegranate Sheet Mask, it works amazing on the skin. I am not really fond of the smell as I was expecting something fruity. It smells more of an oil. The serum is a bit greasy but once it gets absorbed, it gives a never before smoothness. The skin feels softer and good to touch. And believe me, this remains for a long time. Some of the things I noticed is it does not give an instant illuminating radiance, unlike the Inatur Rose mask or the Sandalwood one. The skin feels good, smooth & even but it does not really add that extra glow that generally sheet masks do. But that does not stop me from loving it because that even smooth feel is something that I have never seen before. You can also see the small beads on the sheet that exfoliates while removing dead skin cells and leaves the skin youthful.

Rating: 4/5

Inatur Herbals Pomegranate Sheet Mask is a very good anti-ageing product. I would suggest it to be used once or twice a week for improving the texture and feel of the skin and to make it appear mor youthful.

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