Sunday, December 31, 2017

Oriflame The One Blend Eyeshadow Palette Review Swatches & Application

Hey everyone, how are you doing? New Year is just a day away and here I’m with three different eyeshadow looks with the three palettes recently launched by Oriflame. Yes, I’m talking about the Oriflame The One Blend Eyeshadow Palettes. So, without further ado let’s jump right in.

Price: 837/-

Packaging: The palettes come inside a cardboard box. The cardboard box has some lemon green patterns going on which makes it look quite quirky. On opening the box we get a palette.

Product: The palettes are black colored with the same pattern on the top. On opening we get to see the shades and a transparent film with a mini tutorial. Each palette comes with eight shades numbered from one to eight. They also come with an eyeshadow applicator which is useless and no mirror. Let’s have a look at the palettes and how they worked.

1. Naturelle:- This is for the nude lovers and the warm tone lovers. There’s a nude shade, some browns, some greens, a burgundy, a champagne and so on.

2. Smokey:-This is the one for my smokey eyes people. I think if you want a bold smokey eye look for New year’s Eve then go for this palette. This has a combination of cool tone shades like pinks, white, blacks, a silver foiled eyeshadow and a midnight blue.

3. Vivid: I feel like this Palette is made for me since I love playing with colors. It has a mix of so many bright shades like a beautiful blue and bright green and golden and what not.

My Experience: I got super excited when I got these palettes. Santa Claus was a bit extra partial with me this time and showered me with gifts. These palettes are extremely pretty and versatile. You can create a lot of looks using just one palette. They are pigmented. All the palettes have mostly shimmery shadows with one or two matters here and there. They do have a lot of fallouts. When I was doing my makeup, my whole under eye area was covered with the pigments. So, I’ll say if you’re using this Palette then do the eye makeup fast. The fallouts are definitely a big bummer for the price it comes. Then the price is quite expensive for the quantity as the palette is very small. The pans are so small that it’s quite tough to pick them with our brush or with our fingers. Other than these there is no such problem. If you are looking for good travel-friendly eye palettes definitely give these a go.


1. Pigmented.

2. Versatile.

3. Colors for every skin tone every occasion.

4. Combination of shimmery and matte.

5. Blends easily.

6. Fragrance free.

7. Quirky packaging.

8. Sturdy.

9. Non chalky.

10. Shades are numbered.


1. Fallouts.

2. Expensive for the size.


Overall, I love these palettes and can work it. You should definitely give this a try.

By Airene

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