Thursday, December 21, 2017


Hey lovelies. I’m back again with yet another haul from the Wet & Dry Group.
With core focus on feminine hygiene category, W&D also operates into personal
care segment too with the range of essential oils and skincare products for healthy
body, skin and hair. So, without further ado let’s get into it.

About Nature Sure: Nature Sure is mass and economical range of personal care
products starting from pure essential oils to skincare and haircare. You can visit
them at . Let’s have a look at the products:

1. Nature Sure Kalonji Oil (Nigella Sativa, Black Cumins): This oil smells of
pure black cumin. Growing up in a bong family, black cumin is one spice
that I’ve seen everywhere. My grandma used to massage me oil heated with
black cumin seeds. This smell exactly like that. Nature Sure says that
Kalonji Oil has a number of benefits that includes: Supports metabolism and
helps in prevention and management of diabetes, Improves digestion and
prevents Gastrointestinal disorders, Helps in lowering blood sugar levels,
anti-obesity action helps in weight loss Soothes bronchitis and cure coughs,
treats Insomnia or sleep disorders , increases body tone & prevents skin
wrinkle, stimulates menstrual periods, improves flow of breast milk,
provides quick energy, improves sperm count, increases hair growth, stops
hair fall and hair loss. The 100 ml bottle retails for 270/-.

2. Nature Sure Jonk Oil (Leech oil): This oil has a number of benefits and has
proven to defeat a number of hair diseases and other stuffs like prevents hair
loss, hair fall, promotes fast hair re-growth, helps cure alopecia and
baldness, removes dandruff and fungus, provides scalp nourishment &
healthy hair. This retails for 225/-.

3. Nature Sure Rogan Jaitun Ka Tail(Olive Oil): Hey, now we all know the
benefits of olive oil. Don’t we? What’s better when it’s pure and
concentrated right? So, this is maybe one of the best olive oils ever. This is
priced at 245/-.

4. Nature Sure Castor Oil: Nature Sure Castor Oil is the elixir for beautiful
hair and glowing skin. Natural beauty treatment for skin and hair, treats acne
and maintain natural moisture balance of skin, treats scalp flakiness and hair loss, stops hair fall and promotes hair growth, prevents skin ageing and removes wrinkles. This retails for 198/-.

5. Nature Sure Hair Growth Oil: This is supposed to increase hair growth and
strengthen the roots of our hair, prevent hairfall and baldness, treats dandruff, lice and scalp flakiness, prevents premature graying of hair and split-ends. It also acts as a natural sunscreen for hair. This retails for 299/-.

6. Nature Sure Anti Acne Cream: This is a herbal cream and claims to be the
“best natural weapon to fight acne, pimples and skin ageing”. It also claims to treat pimples, acne, acne scars & blemishes, eliminate fine lines and
wrinkles and dark spots, stops skin ageing, skin sagging and pigmentation, keeps skin clean, radiated, toned and glowing. It is also suitable for every skin type and is worth 250/-.

7. Nature Sure Herbal Mosquito Repellent Roll On
: With the increasing population of mosquitoes and the increase in dengue deaths this is a must have in every household. What’s better than an herbal one? All you require
is 4 dots and you are safe. This provides 8 hour protection from mosquitoes and is marked at 129/-. 

That’s all for my Nature Sure Haul. Make sure you give these herbal products a
try. They are too good to miss. Love you all

By Airene

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