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Top 10 Benefits of Abhyanga with Inatur Herbals Destress Body Massage Oil

Abhyanga, in Sanskrit, means the art of oil massage. Oil massaging has been an important part of Indian Ayurveda since ages. There are different techniques and varieties of oil massages. One of the most popular oil massaging techniques or Abhyanga is for destressing the body and mind. In this post, I will be discussing the techniques and Benefits of Body Massage or Abhyanga. I have been using the Inatur Herbals Destress Body Massage Oil.

Techniques of Abhyanga:
Abhyanga is done with Samvahan or gentle rubbing, Peedan or pressing and squeezing, and Mardan or Pressure massage.

Top 10 Benefits of Abhyanga:
1. Reduces stress: Body massaging helps in reducing stress. It is proven to reduce heart rate and BP.

2. Beneficial for Diabetics: It is helpful for reducing burning sensation for patients who have diabetic neuropathy.

3. Softening of feet: It heals cracked and dry feet and makes them softer and smoother

4. Weight gain in babies: It has been found out that those babies with low weight can gain weight with Abhyanga.

5. Reduces Respiratory rate: Abhyanga helps in reducing and normalising respiratory rate.

6. Reduces knee ache: With regular abhyanga, chronic knee pain has been said to be reduced.

7. Improves in the condition of Paralysis: It is said that with regular massage, patients of paralysis have shown noticeable signs of improvements

8. Relief in Chronic Back pain: Those suffering from Chronic Back Pain have been benefited with Abhyanga

9. Helpful for Migraine sufferers: Abhyanga helps in reducing migraine frequency.

10. Sound sleep: Therapeutic abhyanga helps to improve the condition of patients suffering from Insomnia or general sleeplessness.

Abhyanga with Inatur Herbals Destress Body Massage Oil:
I have been using the Inatur Herbals Destress Massage Oil for some time now. This oil is made with 11 oils like Anise oil that stimulates the senses, ginger oil that gives warmth, sandalwood oil that refreshes,  Rosemary oil that soothes and so on. Once you take it on your palms and start massaging, it gives an immediate warmth to the body which then turns to a calming and relaxing sensation. I can feel a refreshing and peaceful effect.

Inatur Herbals Destress Body Massage Oil helps in reducing stress and refreshes the body and mind. A refreshed and destressed mind gives a positive feel. It helps in calming the nervous system. I love to use the oil whenever I am feeling stressed and restless.

Priced at Rs.750 for 200 ml Inatur Herbals Destress Body Massage Oil is available here

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