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Top 10 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil: Speaking Tree Tea Tree Essential Oil

With the continuous seasonal changes, sudden rains etc. our skin becomes prey to weather and can start behaving weird. Essential oils can be really helpful during this time. Today, we are going to discuss the benefits of Speaking Tree Tea Tree Oil. Without further ado let’s just get on the post.

Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Oil is an oil extracted from tea tree and is widely used for it’s antiseptic properties. It has a fresh Odor almost like a camphor. Tea tree oil has a wide range of benefits for both skin and hair. The color ranges from pale yellow to nearly colorless and clear. It should not be confused with the common tea plant which produces the beverage tea. Tea-tree has a scientific name of Melaleuca alternifolia also known as narrow-leaved paperbark. Now, there’s a lot to say about Tea Tree and so many more things. Let’s just don’t make this boring and skip straight to the benefits of tea tree oil.

Benefits of  Speaking Tree Tea Tree Oil:

1. Antibacterial: Tea Tree Oil is known for its antibacterial property. It can help treat dangerous infections, wounds, internal infections in our system. It also speeds up the healing process. It can also be used to treat tuberculosis.

2. Skincare: Tea Tree Oil is a great source of skincare. It has strong antioxidant properties that helps to eliminate blemishes, scars, acne spots. It also is a great anti-aging source that helps smooth out wrinkles and make skin look younger.

3. Helps in Treatment of Viral Infections:
Every now and then someone or the other is affected by viral infections. They are very perilous as viruses can survive almost every conditions be it hot, humid, dry or cold by developing a protective shell around them. Some develop a new shell every time like the common cold virus. They can be dormant forever. The only way to kill them is by rupturing the shell. Tea Tree Oil ruptures and kill some of the viruses thus preventing viral infections.

4. Haircare:
Tea Tree Oil is also a very good haircare product. It helps treating dandruff, prevent hair fall. It also helps increase the blood flow which will strengthen the follicles thus holding the hair tightly which will result in less hairfall.

5. Insect repellent: Obviously, this protects against strong microorganisms, it’ll also act as a very strong insect repellent. It also kills internal insects like works as our body will absorb the product.

6. Kill Germs:
It has already been mentioned that tea tree oil kills a thousand microorganisms so this can act as a perfect anti-germ thing. You can use this as a hand sanitizer or just rub it all over.

7. Antiseptic:
This also helps in healing wounds. It reduces inflammation and triggers the production of white blood cells thus speeding up the whole healing process.

8. Strengthen Cuticles: If you have brittle nails then this is a natural cuticle strengthener. It will also prevent nail infections.

9. Helps in the treatment of Sexually Transmitted Disease: Tea Tree Oil can also help in the treatment of chlamydia. It can reduce the pain caused by conditions like syphilis. It can bring great relief.

10. A whole lot other benefits: Tea tree oil has a whole lot of other benefits like banishing moulds in fruits and vegetables, natural cure for body odour, treatment of athletes foot and so on and so forth.

Tea Tree Oil is clearly one of the best essential oils available no doubt and the Speaking Tree Tea Tree Oil has been one of the best no doubt. You can get from here.

By Airene

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