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Zenith Nutrition Vitamin D3 and K2 (MK-7) Capsule

Vitamins play an important role in our day to day life. But with our busy schedule and unhealthy lifestyle it becomes almost impossible to incorporate the right vitamin in the right amount. Not only vitamins, this happens with all the nutrients. We don’t intake the right amount so it’s very important to take supplements. Now, which supplements should one choose? There are a lot available on the market. Are they safe? Well, if you are worried about these questions then Zenith Nutrition is the answer. Today we are going to talk about the importance of Vitamin D3 and K2 and how the Zenith Nutrition Vitamin D3 and K2 capsules play a role in fulfilling these aspects.

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Vitamin D3: Vitamin D3 is also known as Cholecalciferol. This is a type of Vitamin D that is made by the skin and also found in some foods. It protects us against Vitamin D deficiency diseases such as rickets. It is also used to treat low blood calcium caused by hypoparathyroidism. It is also a popular dietary supplement. It is also termed as the most effective and safe medicines by the World Health Organization and is there on the list of Essential Medicines. It is found in food such as some fish, cheese, and eggs. One of its main functions is to increase the intake of calcium by the intestines. The deficiency of Vitamin D3 can also cause tuberculosis and many other such diseases. This is recommended to those people who do not get enough Vitamin D in their meals.

Vitamin K2-MK7 : According to a latest survey, this is extremely important for our body but a majority of people are deficient in this particular Vitamin. This is the least discussed and most overlooked Vitamin. Even if we have a whole meal comprising of everything there’s still a major deficiency of Vitamin K2-MK7. It is quite difficult to get. Vitamin K2-MK7 plays a great role in pregnancy to keep the baby healthy. This is necessary for vibrant health. This also plays an important role in maintaining healthy bone density. Vitamin K2 is also required by calcium-regulating proteins in the arteries

Now, as we have seen these are extremely rare and difficult to get. This is where Zenith Nutrition Vitamin D3 and K2-MK7 capsules come to the rescue. They are the perfect source of dietary supplements and meet the requirements of the mentioned Vitamins in our system.

About Zenith Nutrition Vitamin D3 and K2-MK7 capsules Claims-

· Dietary Supplement

· Supports Bone Mass and Cardiovascular Health

· May Protect from Calcification of Tissues and Arteries

· GMP Quality guaranteed

· Suitable for Vegetarians

The Zenith Nutrition Vitamin D3 and K2-MK7 capsules are here to make our lives easier. Studies indicate that supplements are more useful than the traditional sources of the vitamins. Everyone in today’s busy world should give this a go. Obviously, first consult your physician and take the prescribed dosages by them. These are dietary supplements that will surely make your life better.

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