Saturday, January 20, 2018

Top 5 Benefits of Almonds for Skin covered with Inatur Herbals Almond Cream

Almonds are powerful sources of nutrition for healthy body mind. We have been hearing this from long. But do we actually know how exactly is it good? Almonds improves in digestion & brain function and also in a number of ways. Almonds are also great for our skin. 

Let us discuss how exactly:

1. Reduces dryness of skin: Almonds when mixed with whipped cream, acts as an instant soother for excessive dryness. It can either be used as a moisturizer or as a pack. 

2. Acts as an anti ageing product: The early signs of ageing can be easily checked with regular usage of almond on skin. fine lines, crows feet under the eyes and age spots appear less with use of almonds

3. Removes dullness: Almonds are excellent as exfoliant and can immediately remove the signs of fatigue from skin, making it look fresh and renewed.

4. Can remove spots: Often pastes made with almond and cream/milk can act wonders in lightening dark spots . The skin looks much even toned and dewy.

5. Heal rashes: Often dryness can lead to rashes and irritation of skin. Almond paste if mixed with an oil or cream can be applied to that, the condition may improve and one can get relief.

Now, making almond powder or paste daily to treat our skin, may prove quite a task. For this, we have the Inatur Herbals Almond Cream, an excellent remedy for dry and cracked skin.

Inatur Herbals Almond Cream is an organic and fragrance free cream that is enriched with almond oil and is rich in Vitamin E and Glycerin. Regular use of the cream has multiple benefits. As per my personal experience, it acts great in healing cracked feet. It also acts as an excellent eye cream and gives a youthful brighter looking under eye area if used regularly. The best thing that I have noticed is, it acts as an amazing diaper rash cream for my baby. In short the cream's moisturizing and healing properties are amazing. As for the glow, I have not seen much glow or any effect on dull skin. 

I would recommend the Inatur Herbals Almond cream to be used for excessive dry and/or sensitive skin to heal and soothe. It is a truly powerful moisturizer that can keep your winter dry skin softer and smoother. However, if you are expecting a beauty cream like effect like instant glow or immediate reduction of spots etc. it may not be your best choice.

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