Sunday, February 18, 2018

*New Launch*Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Wash for Her Review

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Hello my beautifuls, hope you guys are having a brilliant weekend. I am busy, this time doing all the necessary listing and packing for a vacation I am heading to next week. But before that I wanted to share with you certain products that I have been using for a while now and today its the turn of the newly launched Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Wash for Her.

About Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Wash for Her:
Females’ facial skin is the most delicate, pampered, minutely observed, decorated and nurtured part of their body. Hence, it is important to protect it from the harsh climate and from the occurrences of blackheads, acne and pigmentations; to nourish it with pure nutrients; to make it look young and glowing in order to keep it presentable all the time.

Price: Rs. 220 Available here

Packaging: Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Wash for Her comes in a simple yet bright white tube packaging with a bright reddish pink flip-open cap. There is an image of Lychees on the packaging.
My Experience: I have noticed one thing, products that are made up of fruit extracts are generally good for my dry skin. Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Wash for Her is made up of Lychee & honey, 2 very distinctive ingredients that are known to enhance the skin texture and complexion. How? Honey is a natural soother for dryness and also a very well known agent to impart glow to the skin. When asked world-famous beauty & top Hollywood star, the Late Elizabeth Taylor once said that she relies on an age-old Indian secret of keeping her complexion youthful and that is honey. So the presence of such an incredible ingredient naturally makes the face wash a most desirable one. Now coming to the 2nd ingredient lychee- truly speaking for me its the tastiest fruit in the world. However, I was not aware of the other properties it consists of. Its a miracle for anti-ageing with strong anti-oxidant present. Apart from these 2 main ingredients, the face wash is made with neem, tulsi & wheat. While the 1st 2 are known for curbing acne, wheat is a great for reducing fine lines. 

Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Wash for Her is an excellent face wash. The first thing I like is it does not dry my face after use. And it has the capability to impart a natural radiance to the skin, just after use. I am not exaggerating but I have never seen a face wash that gives a radiant face immediately after use, even before you apply a moisturizer. The packaging is also quite nice. The ingredients are mentioned at the back. I am very satisfied with the face wash and I strongly recommend it to those who have dry and dull skin. It will be a great inclusion to your daily regime if you rely on minimum products to enhance the skin's texture and radiance.

1. Has moisturizing properties
2. Cruelty-free
3. Imparts instant glow
4. Makes skin naturally radiant
5. Improves skin's texture
6. Makes skin smooth
7. Affordable

1. May not be suitable for very oily skin

Rating: 4.75/5

Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Face Wash for Her is a really good face wash. It does what it promises and the rich ingredients really work well to keep the skin clear, moisturized and glowing.

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