Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Top 10 Benefits of Rose Hydrosol: Inatur Rose Hydrosol Floral Water

Hello beautifuls, how is your week going? The warm season is in a nascent stage but we can still feel the heat. These are the times we require certain products that can keep us hydrated both inside and outside. We need to drink lots of water, juices and coconut water. At the same time our skin also requires ample of hydrating agents. Today I will be talking about the benefits of Rose Hydrosol as I have incorporated the Inatur Rose Hydrosol Floral Water in my daily regime.

What is Rose Hydrosol?
Rose Hydrosols or rose floral water are made by distilling fresh roses. These have similar properties like essential oils however the concentration is quite low. These are characterized by subtle aroma, quite similar to the essential oil counterpart but having a greener note that comes from the water soluble constituents in the plant material.

Benefits of Rose Hydrosol:

1. Anti Aging properties: Rose hydrosol is rich in Vitamin C, that promotes collagen, thus improving the elasticity of the skin

2. Moisturizing properties: Rose hydrosol has great moisturizing properties and can heal dryness instantly

3. Hair growth: Rose hydrosol can boost hair growth if sprayed on the scalp.

4. For Baby's bath: Rose hydrosol can be added in baby's bath water to give a soothing feel.

5. Room spray: It can be sprayed around the room to give a fresh aroma

6. To revive dull skin: When your skin appears dull and tired just a spray of hydrosol can make it fresh and lively

7. Antiseptic properties: Rose hydrosol can be applied or sprayed on areas around wound or insect bites.

8. Feminine hygiene wash: Rose hydrosol can be used as an intimate care product to soothe irritation, itching or inflammation.

9. Anti acne properties: Rose hydrosol can be used on acne prone skin or even zits

10. Eye infection: Rose hydrosol can be used as a healer of eye infection. The best way is to moisten a cotton pad in the hydrosol and pressed lightly on closed eyes.

About Inatur Rose Hydrosol Floral Water:
Rose (damask) hydrosol floral water is a 100% natural and organic steam distillate of rose petals.

Price: Rs. 350 Available here

My experience: I have been using rose water for a long time. Recently I have started using the Inatur Rose Hydrosol Floral Water which I think is an absolute necessity for every skin type. I use it often, and frankly without any reason. I use it after coming from sun, when my skin looks dull and tired. I use it when my skin feels dry. I use it when I am sweating. Actually there is no particular one reason that I use it for. This product has multiple benefits and can be used both by adults as well as children. It is tender, gentle and is great for even sensitive skin.

The packaging of the Inatur Rose Hydrosol Floral Water is also very convenient to use. It is in a spray form and can easily be sprayed on anywhere, any affected area anytime. Often I had days when I just cleansed my face and sprayed this without applying anything after that. It makes the skin looks fresh and leaves it hydrated.

Inatur Rose Hydrosol Floral Water is an excellent product that is suitable for any skin type and can be used to heal multiple skin or hair related issues. I recommend it strongly.

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