Monday, March 26, 2018

Summer Essential Skincare with Aaranyaa

Hey beautifuls, hope you had a great weekend. Are you not worried about the extremely hot weather we are going through. I mean its not even April and is supposed to be Spring and this heat!! But what to do You can't fight with nature so what you need to do is prevent yourself from its extremities. This type of heat plays extreme havoc to our skin and we need to follow a regimen that has cools and protects the skin from extreme heat. I have been following a regimen with Aaryanaa products of late and today I will discuss in details about it.

About Aaranyaa:
Aaranyaa is a brand of Vedic Natural Care Private Limited that designs products keeping in mind the principles of Ayurveda

My Regimen:
Cleansing with
Aaranyaa Anti-Bacterial Neem Tulsi Face Wash: I start my skincare with this face wash. It is a gentle face wash with anti-bacterial properties that prevents acne by stopping the formation of bacteria. I am a big fan of this face wash as it worked really well, when I had pimple. It prevented the pimple to spread and dried it. I have seen very few face wash which can have this strong an effect. Since that time I did not break out, in spite of going out everyday in this heat. The packaging is cool and the texture is very light. However it is a bit drying for my dry skin and I am not complaining as there are moisturizers that can be used after cleansing but a face wash that actually cures and prevents pimple is rare.

Sun Care with
Aaranyaa Sun Block Lotion SPF 40: Since my skin is dry, I use a moisturizer and then apply this sun block lotion. It is light weight and yet moisturizing. I love the light non-greasy texture. It has Vitamin E and can be quite hydrating for those with normal and oily skin. It has water resistant properties and so prevents sweating too. I think it does a pretty good job of protecting the skin from sun rays.

Body Care with
Aaranyaa Moringa Oil Body Lotion:  I have extremely dry body skin. Even though I massage my body with a body oil before bath, I need a body lotion to hydrate my skin. This body lotion is so perfect for the summers, firstly because of the wonderful smell of moringa oil and secondly due to its light texture and hydrating properties. This lotion makes the skin soft and keeps it hydrated quite well for a long time. The best thing is it is not at all greasy.

My experience: This regimen with Aaranyaa products have proven to be quite beneficial to me. The star product is the face wash as it does what it promises to do. The body lotion is also quite nice. The sun block lotion could have been better as I do not see its effect that much on pigmentation as mentioned. Overall I am quite satisfied with the  results and highly recommend the Aaranyaa Anti-Bacterial Neem-Tulsi face Wash.

Aaranyaa skincare products are quite promising, and the regime I am following right now is proving to be quite decent for my skin.

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