Friday, March 23, 2018

The World is Not Enough #SayYesToTheWorld

We live in a world that is being perceived by various individuals in their respective ways. For some it is not enough, for others it cannot get bigger than this. To me the world I live in is not enough as it is just a vague perception of our feeble mind which is scared to explore out. In this world of ours we are puppets of technology .We forget that there is a world beyond this where there are real people who stay connected to nature and completely survive on her ample offerings.

Imagine spending 10 whole days without internet, it sounds miserable right? But I am sharing an experience where I had to go through  this and today I feel proud that I did. Recently I went for a 10 day trip to Andaman & Nicobar Islands with my family. The journey started with a flight from Mumbai with a hault at Chennai and then finally to Port Blair, the capital of the state.

While the first phase of the trip was spent visiting the Cellular Jail and taking a walk to the shores during the evening for a glimpse of the beautiful Bay of Bengal, our most cherishable moment started from the time when we took a cruise to Neil Island. Surrounded by the beautiful seas, we sailed through the waters and entered a divine land, almost partially secluded from the digital world.

We did not have internet connection, not even any phone signals. Just when I started wondering about how to spend my time when not out, I got to see the private beach our resort had. It is one of the best places I have ever seen-a serene view of the sea with resting beds under the shed of large trees. I fell in love with the place, with nature.

The events that followed left for us no time to think about the confined world of digitalization we live in, as we were actually living in the real world. The experiences that we gathered by meeting new people, talking to them, having the best coconut water and sea food at Havelock, getting to witness an active mud volcano, getting inside a limestone cave, going for glass watching the mysterious underwater world at North Bay and moving around with deers that behaved more like pet dogs at Ross Island left us open minded.

The mesmerizing view of the seas, its changing shades at places formed by its depth and the mystique forests left us wanting for more.  The conservative and constricted square world we live in seemed to be just a cage where we are held as prisoners of our destiny.

This exploration of an unknown real world made us realize that life can be beautiful only if we love the world the way it has been made. The small and restricted world of virtual reality and its fake grandeur seems just a way we have built to camouflage the guilt of not been able to #SayYesToTheWorld, the beautiful real world.

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