Friday, March 9, 2018

Top 5 things to carry for college and the best backpack

Hey guys, what’s up? So, the board exams season is on and some of you will be stepping in college soon. I know a lot of you are nervous to step into a completely different life but I’m here to help you. I've completed one year of my college life and have quite an experience. Do let me know if you want me to do a series about college tips. Today, I’ll be sharing with you few things that are absolutely important to carry with you besides the books and stuffs like that. These few things can change your college life. With that being said, let’s begin:

·      A small folder: College lives calls for impromptu submissions and form fill-ups. Keep all your college documents, marksheets photo copy, id proves at one place in a small folder.

·      Multi Divider binder notebooks: These are notebooks that are really convenient for any impromptu class or sessions. They come with dividers so you don’t need to worry about subjects getting mixed with one another.

·      A quick fix makeup bag: Carry a small amount of makeup like mascara, lip gloss or Lipstick, maybe a blush and liners. Carry a pair of earrings or any accessories. College also comes with cancelled lectures and sudden plans. This pouch will help you look good. Also, don’t forget sanitizer, pocket perfume, wet wipes and a face mist.

·      Pair of sunglasses: This is surely a must have for everyone. You can’t leave your house without a pair of shades. Make sure you have it.

·      Emergency cash: Now, we all are students and no matter how rich you are you probably have a limited pocket money. Somehow or the other we are broke all the time. So, to get through these tough days save some small amount of cash in a secret pocket which you can use in case of any emergency.

Now, to carry all these and your books, laptops, water bottle, etc you need a good spacious high quality bag. So, obviously I’m going to recommend one to you. Personally, I love backpacks because I feel it’s easier to carry and has that fashion effect. But, you need to choose the right one and I’m here to show you the best I’ve in my list. I’m talking about the Dots Floral CanvasBackpacks by . They have awesome high quality bags at a really reasonable price. As the Bagail team says and I quote “We aim to let our users enjoy the creative products, taste the quality life.We hate common ordinary things. All products here are ‘affordable design, useable creativity’.
Our team has been quite experienced in Internet, Retail, Design and Entertainment. We respect creativity, we have strong passion for beauty and we love to make change!”

They not only have backpacks but a million different options to choose from based on your taste. These bags are not only spacious and good quality but will pull up your fashion quotient to a top level. Make sure you grab one of them before they run out of stock.

Hope these helps you in preparing for your college life. All the best for your board exams and your upcoming adventures in life.

 By Airene

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