Monday, April 23, 2018

All About NeeliBhringadi & Review of Nature's Veda Neelibhringadi Hair Oil

Hey beautifuls, I have always cried on the condition of my hair. Previously it was hairfall, thinning hair, frizziness and dryness but now another added issue is that of greying hair. There have been several products that I have tried, some have worked some have not. Today I will be talking about one such product that I have been using for almost 2 months and have done a bit of research about the key ingredient as it is working great for my hair. It is the Nature's Veda Neelibhringadi Hair Oil.

About Nature's Veda Neelibhringadi Hair Oil:
Nature's Veda Neelibringadi Hair Oil 100% natural and complete hair oil that helps prevent premature greying,dandruff and hair fall.

Price: Rs. 540 Available here

What is Neelibhringadi: Neelibhringadi is an interesting mix of ingredients like Neel or Indigo and Bhringraj as the key ingredients with other oils like sesame, coconut along with gooseberry and licorice. It is useful product to improve quality of hair, to treat split hairs, premature graying and baldness.

Benefits of Neelibhringadi:

1. Helps to prevent premature greying of hair
2. Can control hair fall or baldness
3. Controls dandruff
4. Improves general shine and lustre of hair
5. It can treat fungul infection

My Experience with Nature's Veda Neelibhringadi Oil: The blue coloured Nature's Veda Neelibhringadi Oil is a bit runny and is not very sticky. I generally apply it in the early morning and wash it off after 2 hours. It has softened my hair. The hairfall had been on check from before due to an overall good hair care regime. The most interesting thing that I have noticed is the delaying in greying of hair. As I said, this has been a latest hair woe in my life, and I do not generally like the idea of colouring my hair, due to the hair fall issues that follows, I was really glad to get this oil. And true to its claims it has quite effectively started delaying the greying part. I am really impressed and am thinking why didnt I get it before?

Rating: 5/5

Nature's Veda Neelibhringadi Hair Oil is another wonder from Ayurveda. The more I am coming to know about ancient Ayurvedic treatments and remedies through incredible brands like Nature's Veda the more I am getting fascinated.

If you are suffering from the early stages of greying hair, I would suggest giving a try to the Nature's Veda Neelibhringadi Hair Oil.


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