Thursday, April 26, 2018

Get the Perfect Winged Line Easily with MyGlamm Wheelie

Hey beautifuls, I know you must have been wondering why I am so low key when it comes to makeup posts this month. The reason is the extreme heat has taken a toll and I am finding it difficult to continue with my makeup routine. For that I have picked up several easy to use makeup products that can easily give you a flawless look in an instance, and who better than MyGlamm when it comes to smart makeup. I have been using the recently launched MyGlamm Wheelie Precision Eyeliner & Stylist.

About MyGlamm Wheelie Precision Eyeliner & Stylist:
The wheelie has you covered when it comes to precision eye art. An easy to use, revolutionary rolling disc applicator delivers perfection in one smooth glide for eye lining perfection.

Price: Rs.895 Available here

Packaging: MyGlamm Wheelie Precision Eyeliner & Stylist has the same beautiful classic white & gold packaging of Myglamm. The noticeable thing is the applicator which is a rolling disc and can apply the line of your choice with perfect precision.

My experience: I am completely relying on only 4-5 makeup products this summer and the MyGlamm Wheelie Precision Eyeliner & Stylist is definitely one of them. Whenever I am going out for events instead of doing a heavy eye makeup I stick to a shimmery lavender or Gold shadow, like Myglamm Powder Magic that gives a subtle brightness and let my winged lines do the talking. The disc applicator works wonders and can get your desired line in a matter of second. I like how Myglamm has innovated new and completely novel technology to make New Age Makeup. 

The matte finish of the MyGlamm Wheelie Precision Eyeliner & Stylist is another superb feature. It looks great on everyone. With the disc tip you can achieve your line your way- thin or thick. It stays for a very long time and is absolutely waterproof and smudgeproof. The only issue that I found with it is it is a bit watery and you need to apply a few strokes to get the desired intensity. But once you get that it is a wonder to work with.

1. Unique roller applicator
2. Paraben free
3. Waterprrof
4. Matte finish
5. Precise lines
6. Great for winged lines

1. A bit thin in texture and takes time to intensify

Rating: 4.25/5

MyGlamm Wheelie Precision Eyeliner & Stylist is a wonder when it comes to getting the easiest possible winged lines. I would suggest to those who just need a quick dramatic winged look without any pro-like skills. A great investment it is.

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