Sunday, April 8, 2018

Nature's Veda Kumkumadi Face Oil Review

Hello beautifuls, hope you are having a great weekend. Today I wanted to update you about how I incorporate Kumkumadi in my skin care routine. Kumkumadi means Kumkuma(saffron) + Ityadi (etc). So I make sure at least once a week I follow a facial regimen with products that have Kumkuma or saffron in it. One of the products that I have been using since a month or so is the Nature's Veda Kumkumadi Face Oil

About Nature's Veda Kumkumadi Face Oil:
Nature Veda'S Kumkumadi Face Oil Contains A Combination Of Herbs That Is Unique And Steeped In Its Therapeutic Impact To Enhance All Of The Above Natural Physiological Functions Of Your Skin. It Is A Blend Of 23 Herbs Which Mainly Consists Of Keshara - Saffron - Crocus Sativus, Chandana-Pterocarpus Santalinus, Lakksha - Laccifer Lacca, Manjishta - Rubia Cordifolia, Madhuyashtika - Licorice Etc. It Also Finds Mention In Chakradatta For Accomplishing A Glowing Face.

Price: Rs. 1350 Available here

Packaging: Nature's Veda Kumkumadi Face Oil comes in a outer cardboard packaging with a beautiful painting. The bottle is silver and robust with a dropper cap.

My experience: Nature's Veda Kumkumadi Face Oil is a truly luxurious face oil that has multiple benefits for skin. The packaging is exotic with a wonderful painting and the silver bottle. The oil looks like melted gold and is quite lightweight. It immediately gets absorbed into the skin and gives an instant radiance to the skin. It has a strong Ayurvedic smell. 

Nature's Veda Kumkumadi Face Oil is the most luxurious and effective Kumkumadi oil that I have used. It works great to even out skin tone and to impart a beautiful illuminated skin. Here are certain ways you can use this oil:

* As a moisturizer
* As a glow booster before makeup
* As a balancer with makeup (mixing with foundation) for a dewy look
* As a highlighter
* As a night serum
* As an ingredient with face packs or scrubs

The most effective way to use the Nature's Veda Kumkumadi Face Oil  is to taking a few drops on the palm of the hands and applying it on the face by patting. Once the whole product is patted, use gentle finger strokes to massage it in a circular motion, till it gets absorbed into the skin. I would recommend a very few drops of the oil as that is enough.

Rating: 4.5/5 (very expensive)

Nature's Veda Kumkumadi Face Oil is a very effective beauty booster and the best oil for giving a radiant skin. A bottle, although quite expensive will last forever and can be used in various ways to add radiance. I strongly recommend it to those who suffer from skin dullness and uneven skin tone.

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