Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Best of Home Remedies for Skin & Hair bottled in SAO (Sacred Anointing Oils)

Hey beautifuls, have you noticed I have a thing for cruelty-free beauty products? I am sure you have as I get a lot of queries on those. In quest of cruelty-free beauty products, I have come across an incredible brand- SAO or Sacred Anointing Oils. A joint venture of a passionate mother-son duo, SAO has come up with the best of home remedies for skin and hair, for us.

SAO as a Brand

SAO started its journey from its creator, Manjula Bahadur's home remedies that she made for family and friends. After the initial success and lot of appreciation, her son Vivek Bahadur took a break from his successful advertising career and joined his mom as an entrepreneur. Ms. Bahadur's journey had an interesting beginning during the 80's. She used basic Indian herbs to treat acne related problems and discovered that it was more effective than the chemical creams or treatments. After a lot of learning and research she found out natural preservatives to substitute chemical ones and also the usage of various essential oils.

She used a combination of Indian herbs and essential oils to prepare a range of products. Her hand-written books for HAIR CARE, SKIN CARE AND BODY CARE has 200+ different secret recipes which combines the power of herbs and oils. These books have an answer to any and every hair problem, skin problem, joint pains, stress relieving, and natural beautification and these are all 100% handmade recipes with all natural ingredients. Since years she has combined these secret recipes & the power of mantras to make the products for family and friends. At 70 today her skin glows and has no wrinkles and all she has used in her entire life is her products only.
Sao as a brand started in October 2016, with her son Vivek joining his mother's passion to take forward.  SAO today has 30 different products along with customized ones for specific skin or hair related issues like Alopecia, pigmentation, joint pain, varicose veins etc.
About the SAO Brightening Skin Care Line:

After initial consultation with Manjula Maam, and listening to my skin concerns she suggested the following regime:

1. SAO Natural Glow Face Pack: With ingredients like sandalwood and rose, this pack softens rough and dry skin and brightens it while removing tan and improving the skin tone.

Rs. 575 for 30g

2. SAO Luxurious Rose Oil: It is a highly moisturizing oil, that replenishes skin deep within, leaving it radiant and glowing. I have tried using it as a night time moisturizer and it works amazing.

Rs. 675 for 10ml

3. SAO Brightening Under Eye Gel: This light-weight gel moisturizes the sensitive under eye area, removes puffiness of eyes and smoothes fine lines. The most visible difference is in lightening of dark circles. It is one of the best under eye product I have used.

Rs.1275 for 30g

4. SAO Pro Radiance Gel: Another star product, this gel is light weight yet extremely hydrating for the skin. It truly gives a radiance one can achieve through professional facials only. 

Rs.975 for 30g

This, as a regular regime can assure a spot free, even toned glowing skin naturally.

SAO products are available online at and and also on their website here.

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