Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Skin Radiance with Vanveda

Thanks to my genes that I have never suffered from major skin related issues like acne or excessive signs of ageing. However, with ageing the 2 issues I have been facing are dullness and dryness mostly. I have been trying a lot of skincare products to address the issues of dullness and I have found nice solutions too. One of the best ever skincare lines I have ever used has to be my latest one and that is Vanveda.

About Vanveda:

Vanveda is a herbal based skincare line made with a lot of passion by Shruti Gera, an actor and her mother. Coming from a family of Ayurvedic doctors, Shruti has dedicated her heart and knowledge of Ayurveda to this brand and its products.

Vanveda Skin Radiance Routine:

This is a 2 steps routine that can be done on every alternate day for a gorgeous and totally renewed skin.

1. Vanveda Citrus Therapy Orange Glow Pack: According to Shruti, its their most sought after product and why not. This face pack has to be mixed with curd and rose water in equal proportion and applied on skin. It has to be left for 20-30 minutes and then massaged gently while scrubbing off the residue. I was so surprised to see the results. It actually looked like I had done a professional peeling or renewing facial therapy. 

The Vanveda Citrus Therapy Orange Glow Pack has Orange powder and infused neem and tulsi. While orange is an natural antioxidant, neem and tulsi have antiseptic properties. So an ensured radiance and a glowing skin without any breakouts or spots are guaranteed. Shruti advices mixing this up with curd and rose water as curd has natural lactic acid that reduces pigmentation and blemishes and rose water is a skin soother.

2. Vanveda Beauty Elixir Skin Enhancing Moisturizer: The first thing to notice is the absolutely heavenly fragrance it has. In face all of Vanveda products have nice fragrance. This cream has rose and sandalwood and is quite moisturizing for the skin. 

Shruti recommends to use a generous amount on the face and neck for a superior hydrated and plumped up skin. Personally I have also liked using quite generously and found it makes the skin very soft and supple and of course smelling nice too.

The effect of Vanveda Skin Radiance Routine is quite evident in this video. 

The Citrus Therapy Orange Glow Pack is a one of a kind product. I would definitely recommend it to those who are suffering from dull, dry or even pigmented skin. It works wonders. You can order Vanveda products on their Facebook Page here.

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