Friday, June 8, 2018

Cream Blush for Dry & Dull Skin

Hey beautifuls, do anyone of you suffer from dry and dull skin like me? I have a solution for you. You just need a good cream blush that is close to your complexion.  Frankly I am not a big fan of cream makeup and have always preferred powder blushes. However, often dullness can not be covered by the best of makeup and here comes cream blushes for the rescue.

What are Cream Blushes

Cream blushes, as the name suggests come in a creamy form, which may prove to be quite pigmented when applied. Generally cream blushes require expert of fast fingers to blend properly. If done correctly they give the most dewy and illuminated finish.

Cream Blush for dry and dull skin

Dry skin looks very dull and often can look drier or cakey on application of makeup. Opting for a cream blush is the best option to create a dewy finish and to kill the dryness. As soon as the blush is applied and blended properly it gives a radiance to the highlight areas, making the skin appear more luminous and healthy.

I like using cream blushes from Elizabeth Arden. Their Ceramide Cream Blush in shade Coral is the closest match to my skin tone and can actually lit up my complexion during a bad skin day. It has a smooth formula and very nice pigmentation and can be blended easily even if you are not an expert. The shade gives an instant illuminated effect and a beautiful sun kissed glow. They have 3 other shade options that are gorgeous and can match any skin tone.

Available at these blushes are great in giving a naturally healthy looking skin so are the best options for turning your dull and cakey makeup into a illuminating and dewy one.

So this is why cream blushes are the best for dry and dull skin.

Have you used cream blushes? Which is your favourite?

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