Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Monsoon Skincare Tips with The Zero Skin

Hey beautifuls, hope you all are enjoying monsoons. I am as it has been a dreadful summer this time in Mumbai. So other than keeping those raincoats and umbrellas handy, are you also making sure to take care of your skin? Not that much right? I understand, you all must be feeling that there's no sun so no tanning, no sweating. But sweeties, do you know that UV rays can affect your skin even during the gloomiest of days? So, buckle up and prepare yourself to keep your skin at its best during the monsoons.

Here are some skincare tips for monsoons:

1. Cleanse thoroughly: The rain water can be quite enjoyable and refreshing but it is polluted too. so make sure you keep your skin and hair thoroughly clean. If you get soaked in rain, the first thing you should do is take a warm shower or bath, to cleanse off the impurities.

2. "No tanning during rain" is a myth: As I discussed, if you think you will not get affected by tanning during monsoons, you are mistaken. Use a good scrub to keep your skin tone even and to remove the tanning. I use The Zero Skin DeTan Scrub twice a week. It has rose, papaya & licorice and orange in in it. These natural ingredients assure a gentle and smooth application. It not only removes tan but also gives vitality to the skin and the complexion is much clearer and even toned.

This scrub can be applied by mixing in either rose water or milk, then massaged into the skin in circular motion for a minute and rinsed off.

3. Hydrate like nobody's business: Yes you read that correct. Hydration both internally & externally are equally important. Drinking water, fruit juices etc can ensure internal hydration. While using good moisturizer and other hydrating products are really good for the skin. I am using The Zero Skin Hydrating Mask of late and its really nice. It is enriched with cocoa butter, coffee and avocado oil and is great for addressing dry & dull skin.

This mask can be mixed with milk to make a padte and applied on face leaving for 15-20 minures and then rinsed off. The skin looks revived and rejuvenated. It is great for any type of skin, specially normal to dry ones.

4. Night Cream: After a tiring day, and wading through water logged roads, you may feel the instant urge to hit the bed right away, but hey your skin needs some time too. Make sure you provide nourishment to your skin by using a good night cream. It will fight off all the wear & tear your skin had undergone throughout the day.

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So these are the few tips to keep in mind to keep your skin glowing during monsoons.

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