Friday, June 1, 2018

Necessary Motorcycle Gears every Biker Should Have

Bike riding is fun and men loves it. Now be honest and tell me how many girls here have this hidden wish of riding a super cool bike one day through those long highways. I know, almost majority of you are smiling because that wish got ignited somewhere inside after reading this. If you don’t know how to ride a bike and still want to then start learning it now. It’s better late than never. I was recently browsing through the internet and came across this site which hoards almost everything needed for bikers and their bike. You can even customize your search by entering your model no and preferences in the home page. This will make your shopping even more convenient. Mommy blogger Heena has written about that here and mine goes as below:


· Helmets and Headwears: No matter what, helmet is a must have for bikers because safety first. I understand some helmets are rather boring and spoils your whole style. But, bike bandit has a whole variety of helmets. Starting from full face helmets, half helmets, modular helmets, girl’s helmets, women’s helmets, boy's helmets, snowmobile helmets, etc. Now, there are variety of styles available in each category and you will not be disappointed for sure.

· Jackets for Jack of Bikes: While helmets tend to protect your skull, jackets significantly reduce the risk of getting major injuries in your upper body area. Also, the cherry on top is that motorcycle jackets are super stylish. It’ll make you look hot and tough. Bike bandits got them in a wide variety- motorcycle jackets for women, men, boys, girls, etc. Even if you aren’t a biker you should totally get one and style it with your favorite denims. You’ll not regret it.

· Rainsuit: Bike riding can be a lot fun during the rains specially with your plus one. It is so romantic and thrilling. But, you gotta prepare for the rains buddy, right? Find some cool rain suits perfect for you and your partner at bike bandit. It’ll also prevent you from falling sick.

So, here you go with some stylish safety gears required for bikers- both men and women. Apart from these there are a lot of other stuffs available for you and your bike. You name it, you get it.

By Airene

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