Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Best Perfume for a Better mood

Hello beautifuls, hope all of you are having a great week. I have been wondering about something for the longest time now. What would be a best fragrance to boost our bad mood? I know it entirely depends on the sort of scents that attract us, but still can there be a universal fragrance that can uplift our mood in the most depressive days? I sort of raided my perfume closet to get the best match and I found something that I thought would be a great fragrance for a better mood.

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How to choose the best perfume for a better mood?

But before I let you know my pick as the best perfume for a better mood, let us discuss how to choose the best suitable one. As choices of fragrances varies from person to person, it is very difficult to select a specific type of note to uplift mood. But here are several fragrances that are known to stimulate our senses and are suitable for a better mood:

Citrus: A zesty, sharp zing may instantly freshen up a tired mind.

Vanilla: A warm, loving note that can brighten and liven up the spirit.

Lavender: The most popular fragrance used by aromatherapists to relax

Jasmine: A sharp beautiful smelling flower that can again uplift the mood

Cinnamon: Another wonderful spice that can add that zing to the mood

My Favourite Perfume for a Better Mood

Then again, it is very difficult to stick to one note and get it to make your mood better. But I think I have got mine, which has only few of the notes mentioned earlier.  I am talking about the Dior Hypnotic Poison, one of the most loved fragrances.  Dior Hypnotic Poison can be described as an Oriental Vanilla fragrance. The top notes are quite sweet and fruity with hints of apricot and plum, while the centre is dominated by floral touch of tuberose, jasmine and rose and the base has warm and woody presence of vanilla, almond and sandalwood. Interestingly it holds back a lot of its vanilla and almond nuttiness for a long time. The longevity of the perfume is a little on the down side but I would suggest using a vanilla/almond/cocoa sort of body lotion to be used to make the fragrance cling to it.

The reason why I have chosen Dior Hypnotic Poison as the best perfume for a better mood is because it has a warm and comforting smell, that can immediately give a feel of security and to some extent positivity.

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