Monday, July 16, 2018

Te-A-Me Tea Ice Brews for You & Me

"Water water everywhere, 
Nor any drop to drink."
There may be hardly any soul, who does not like these lines of Coleridge. Whenever I read these lines I get goosebumps, imagining the situation, the irony that the Ancient Mariner experienced. Water is the most precious resource we have on earth, as the existence of life is dependant on water. Consuming a substantial part of water everyday is very important, however as water is a tasteless and odourless substance, our taste buds may not allow us to let us consume the necessary amount. But  recently I have found out something that gives a twist to our regular H20, and it is the new launch Te-A-Me Ice Brews.

What are Te-A-Me Ice Brews

Te-A-Me Ice Brews are fruity blends that can be brewed in cold water and served instantly. They have multiple health benefits and made with natural ingredients. Te-A-Me Ice Brews makes our regular boring water super fun and interesting.

Flavours of  Te-A-Me Ice Brews

Te-A-Me Ice Brews comes in 5 different types of exotic fruity flavours. 

1. Lychee: A beautiful summery flavour that cools from within.

2. Mint Green: A minty zesty flavour with goodness of green tea to soothe and calm

3. Wild Berry: An exotic blend of romantic sweetness formed by summer strawberries and ripe raspberries

4. Peach: An aromatic peachy blend with the boldness of black tea,

5. Lemon: A superb zingy and energizing flavour that instantly perks up the energy.

Scope of Te-A-Me Ice Brews

Te-A-Me Ice Brews can actually be the star of a party. For me at least it has proven to be one. Now as I throw a lot of house parties, I need quick and easy recipes of snacks and beverages. While making new snacks every time can be quite easy, coming up with fun beverages can be quite challenging for an amateaur like me. Last week, I hosted a party and was wondering about the drink to be served to the guests, when an idea struck my mind. Why not use the Te-A-Me Ice Brews All Flavours Pack to make some refreshing mocktails? Yes the makers of Te-A-Me Ice Brews has made our lives easier by introducing a pack full of all the 5 fruity flavours of their Ice Brews. I just added some ice and presented with some fruits and lemons and Voila. It was a superhit with my guests, in fact all of them agreed that this was the first time that they were having such refreshing and tasty mocktails, all thanks to Te-A-Me Ice Brews.

Pros of Te-A-Me Tea Ice Brews

1. Natural ingredients
2. Multiple health benefits
3. No added sugar
4. Very tasty
5. Nice aroma
6. Easy to make
7. Quick solution to parties
8. Refreshing
9. Can be made in cold water

Keeping in mind the importance of water, and how we often skip drinking enough water, Te-A-Me Tea Ice Brews are a must-have in our daily lives as these are both tasty and healthy. Right now Te-A-Me Tea Ice Brews are available at a 10% discount on their website here If you are not sure about which flavour to try you can also try their pack with all the 5 flavours, the one I have tried.

Happy Brewing!!

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