Thursday, August 9, 2018

Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes for Monsoons

Rain rain go away 
Come again another day
Little Johny wants to play
Rain rain go away

Remember this nursery rhyme? Well, now I wish if rain would listen to us and let our little ones play! But that will never happen and so we need to be careful as monsoons are long and we definitely cannot make our little ones stay indoors all the time. They will play, they will enjoy their jumping and hopping on muddy puddles and of course get the mud all over. It is not possible to give them a bath every time they step out. But I have something that will definitely make it easier and safer to clean your little ones whenever they step out and that is the Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes.

About Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes

Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes are specially formulated to protect baby's delicate skin with 98% water content and cotton fabric. It cleanses without causing any rashes or other irritation on baby's tender skin. It is hypoallergenic and is suitable to use on newborns too.

Monsoons and Baby/Toddler

Monsoon is the time when our kids need maximum care, in regards to cleanliness. The roads are muddy and the waterlogged. This water can be really dirty and even dangerous, bringing a lot of germs and illness to the little ones. However, they have to go out too for school, to play, to attend dance classes etc. But can we give them a bath every time they go out. It is definitely not a great idea. But with Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes things are so much easier as it is almost like pure water. So everytime they come home with their dirty and muddy hands and legs a single wipe is enough to clean the dirt out giving a cleaner and clearer skin. 

Monsoons and Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes

Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes is the safest and best baby wipes available today. made with plant fabric and 98% water, it is as good as the touch of pure water on the baby's sensitive skin. Not only does it clean dirt and mud from the skin, it keeps the skin soft and prevents from causing rashes or allergies.  The wipes are devoid of any parabens or alcohol. These are polyester free baby wipes and prevents from diaper rashes.

Other than that it contains aloe vera and vitamin E, that softens and moisturizes baby's skin. So every cleaning process with the wipe results in moisturizing of the skin.

My experience with Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes during Monsoons

My daughter like any other toddler loves to jump in muddy puddles and play on the soiled playground. I cannot really stop her doing this all the time. So I make sure whenever she returns from her play school or playtime I wipe off the soil and dirt on her hands, face and feet with the Mother Sparsh Baby Water Based Wipes as these are hypoallergenic and pH balanced water wipes. I have never been so satisfied with any baby wet wipes before.These biodegradable wipes do not leave any greasy or slippery residue like other baby wipes. And her skin is left cleaner, softer and moisturized.

These are the best baby wipes I have ever used as these are the only 98% water based wipes in India. As discussed the baby's skin is safe as it is made of skin friendly natural fabric and is totally alcohol free.

So this was all about the benefits of using Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes during monsoons for your baby.


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