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All mothers are worried about their babies’ health and you possibly do everything you can to keep your baby healthy and comfortable. But, did you beat diaper rash? The answer of majority people would be no. You probably have tried everything- got the best diapers in the market, keeping a check on how wet it gets, powdering the area, moisturizing and what not. Have you tried replacing your regular baby wipes or cloth that you use to clean your precious baby? Now, you might be wondering how diaper rash is related to baby wipes. Well, let me clear that out first.

Diaper Rash & Baby wipes: Diaper rashes are something extremely common and curable. Every 8 out of 10 babies suffer from nappy rashes. This is mostly caused due to wetness, not changing the diapers properly, introduction to new food habits or usage of any chemical laden products. That’s right chemicals react to your baby’s skin and causes irritation which results in redness and rashes. Most of the baby wipes available in the market are full of chemicals and probably not safe for your baby’s delicate skin.
This is where the Mothersparsh Baby Wipes come to our rescue. 

Mothersparsh is India’s First Water Based Wipes Brand. The wipes are made up of 98% water and are 100% bio-degradable. These wipes are prepared under expert supervision, hypoallergenic and free from any chemicals. These wipes are safe for newborns and proven to be completely natural. These wipes are prepared under expert’s regulation and contain superior ingredients that gently cleanse your baby’s supple, soft and delicate skin without causing irritation, uneasiness, allergy and infection. Mother Sparsh Wet Wipes are “Proven for Preventing Diaper Rashes”.

Mother Sparsh wet wipes are mild and gentle on baby’s skin. It is free from Alcohol & Parabens. These wipes are pH balanced, hydrating and soft. It doesn’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin. These are proven to be effective. It also contains Vitamin E and aloe vera extract that makes it perfect for baby’s skin. Mothersparsh says and I quote “Baby cleanliness is not just wiping baby it’s a health concern & you need wipes for cleaning every next second during the initial days of baby care. Baby’s gentle & delicate skin needs purest care. The concept of Pure Water & Cotton being the best for maintaining Baby Hygiene & Cleansing gave us the idea of Water Based Wipes. Mother Sparsh 98% Water Wipes is Mom & Baby friendly. It is purest wipes for baby care and offers convenient & ease to mothers during those messy hours.” It has organic properties of cleaning baby’s skin without causing any redness or allergy.

If you search on the internet about “how to prevent diaper rashes”, it will be mentioned to not use wet wipes with fragrance or alcohol.

So, before you grab any other wipes just read the ingredients and make sure to choose the best for your baby or simply choose the Mothersparsh Wet Wipes.

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